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Question about Feliway

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Greetings All -

Just wondering if anybody knows if Feliway (or some other product) actually works in terms of deterring a kitty from going places you'd rather they didn't go? Moe is 10 months old and knows the word "NO" but couldn't care less. I think he's officially attention deficit hyperactive obsessive compulsive! I've tried everything I can think of to keep him from going places I don't want him to go (primarily for safety reasons) and nothing's working. I'd like to try Feliway or some other product if anybody's got some recommendations about yes or no or any other suggestions?

Thanks all!

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Feliway works wonders at calming stressed cats and also works to stop spraying and furniture scratching. However, I've never heard of it being used to keep a cat away from a certain place. In fact, because it is a welcoming pheramone, I would think that it would attract rather than deter a cat from visiting a place. But..I don't know for sure.

I'll be interested to read what other say about this.
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Thanks for the input. You're right though, probably better to stay away from a product that makes 'em wanting more! I'll continue my hunt for an appropriate means by which to deter crazy Moe from jumping on the stove to get to the top of the fridge (and other crazy places!).

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Does Moe have tall cat posts to climb? Ramps he can run up and down and someplace where he can be the tallest in the house? Providing him with that will help stop him from leaping on your appliances-
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Thanks Hissy. My brother-in-law is in the processing of designing some fabulous kitty climber/treehouse for Moe which I'm certain will go a long way in dealing with his desire to be up high. In the meantime though, I'm looking for some way of keeping him a little closer to the ground, especially in the middle of the night when he seems to be most active. I spend literally 3 or 4 hours playing with him every night when I come home from work in an effort to tire him out and it works. For about 20 minutes!! Then he's back on the obsessive compulsive "must get up high" train. Love him to bits, but I'd also like to get some sleep!
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