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Aiming too high

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I've read most of these peeing posts, but don't see anything like this...

I have the Catty Corner litter box which is the biggest litter box i've seen. it's covered, and the walls are pretty tall.

my cat is peeing in the litter box, but aiming so that he pees through the crack where the top and bottom of the box meets, so that the pee goes all over the floor outside of the box.

i have 2 other cats and just one litter box. i really don't have space for anymore boxes. anyone know why he would be aiming so high? or any suggestions to help control this mess....
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Cats who have arthritis or other joint pain or weakness will do this. Other cats who are healthy simply like to aim high. Try cutting open a plastic grogery bag and taping it to the inside of the box so that the bag covers the seam between the lid and base. This will allow the pee to drip down into the box rather than ooze out through the seam. Simply throw away the dirty bags each time you clean the box and all will be fine!
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Great idea. Thanks...

I'm pretty sure that he just has good aim. He did it with a litter box with lower sides - and since it was smaller, i wrapped it with a plastic bag on the outside, but when i got the bigger box, he stopped until he figured out that the walls were taller. Now he does it everyday. Smart cat, huh.
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We use to have a cover box, they did the same thing, not enough room for them to move around. We took it off... No more going on the side walls..
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I have that same box, but my cats just push the top off!
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