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I have a 9 month old and 11 month old kittens and they have some weird obsession with straws. The problem is they will walk right up to your cup and pull the straw out to play with. They will only play with new ones and not already been chewed ones. Anyone else have this problem?
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I cant help but one of my cats steals the ear buds out of the litter bin, and chews the cotton wool off the ends........Yuk!
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Most cats love straws. You can take a really long straw, tie a knot in the center and give it to the kitty to play with, but check on it often and if you see the kitty has been eating it, take it away. Blinken flips straws out of our cups all the time, so we started using the cup lids and that has helped.
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Ours have tried, but we don't use them very often. One of ours likes to steal water bottle caps when they're off and laying next to it.
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Aaaaaaagh!. I thought Rosie was the only one!!!.

She does'nt play with the straws as much as she did when she was a kitten, but she also used to pull them out of my coke can!!.

I've got several photographs of her doing this. This is one of the things i love about cats, their full of suprises at what they do!!

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Jinx pinches sweet wrappers out of the bin and flips them around.
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Nico picks up the cups with his teeth and dumps them LOL
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Loki paws at every glass / cup and tries to spill them - he loves to watch the the liquid flow away. He is quite mesmerized by it.

Straws - he never had an interest in them - I guess he is a strange kitty that way!
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hah, when mine see the straw, they try and reach around the cup to touch it, since they can see through it they figure they can reach it too. Neko got 5 straws in one day one time, quite annoying when you get up and come back with a straw missing. Oh well kittens do what they want and that is the best part.
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