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My 9 month old female cat has, since Ive had her sucked her bedding. Shes made a small teat on it, and suck it and pads it like its her Mummy. She never claws the cat post, rarely washes herself and is generally very babyish. Does she miss her Mummy? or is there a problem? Its actually really sweet to watch, but as she gets older it worries me. She is being spayed tomorrow, will this help?

I have her sister from the same litter, and shes very grown up!
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Sorry, I don't have an answer. I just wanted to say your girls are gorgeous!
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Awwww, thanks.

Honey on the left and Jinxy on the right
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She sounds like she was taken from mom to early and never learned to be a cat. Her best teacher will be your other cat over time, as she grows she will observe and learn. The suckling behavior is typical of kittens who were weaned earlier than they should have been and taken away from littermates. I would get her a stuffed animal all her own to comfort her- beanie babies are great for this.
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Thats what I thought...but Ive had these cats from 10 weeks of age, and I bought them from a breeder.
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Hey Neesey - you've moved to Wiltshire!!!!

I think that your baby is missing her mum, maybe separated too early? MaryAnne's idea of a stuffed toy is a good one, hopefully that'll give your kitty the comfort she needs.

Good to see you back here again.
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Winnie sucks on our shirt. She will be 1 year old in March, and has done this since we got her late June of 2003.
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Originally posted by Yola
Hey Neesey - you've moved to Wiltshire!!!!

Good to see you back here again.
Hi Yola,

Nice to hear from you. Yes we moved to Wiltshire in November 2003, hubbys job forced the move. Its okay here, but Im missing Eastbourne.

Thanks for the advice, Jinxy just went in for her spay....will be picking her up later this afternoon.

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Rosie did this a lot, as she was only 6 weeks when i got her.

She still has her ' comfort blanket ' now, and sucks on it on the odd occassion and she's nearly 2 years old!!.

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Awww thats so sweet, bless her
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Both of my boys are 7 years old I have bears on my bed and they paw them and hold on to the bear with there teeth,drives me
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My tabby (Gib, see thread on WBC,RBC in Health & Nutrition for pix) would suck the tip of his tail and purr himself to sleep. He was a stray and was separated from mom at early age. He grew out of it after about a year but still "kneads" his sleeping place even after 14 yrs. We didn't introduce any substitutes but we did have an older cat that may have helped Gib mature without his mom.
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Sad cat escaped last night and hasnt come back. She was speyed on Thursday. I think shes died somewhere, as it was freezing cold here last night Im in pieces here, very upset and so are my children. It was all my fault, Id left the door unlocked, and the wind caught it and she must have sensed the air and ran out.
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OMG!. I hope she turns up soon, poor baby.

Keep us informed.

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Oh no, I hope she returns. I wouldn't worry too much about the cold, cats are smart and can find places to hide and stay warm. Do you have neighbors that may have taken her in for the night? Maybe put out flyers to see if anyone has found her? I hope she returns soon! Please keep us updated.
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to let you know, Jinxy came home safely 3 days after she disapeared. Just walked in like show owned the house! Um well, she does actually LOL
Oh and shes fine.
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I am so happy to hear that Jinxy returned
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I'm so pleased Jinxy came home. 3 days, i'd be a basket case!!.

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I just read the thread, Iam so glad your kitty came home. They become so much a part of are lives. I bet she was glad to be home too...
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