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I'm new

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Hi I am new to this forum, and most for that matter. I am here to learn more about showing cats, my main interest is Somali's. Anyone willing to share any information on showing cats is welcome to. I am pretty sure I don't know much about it, I have only gone to a couple shows. Right now I just own rescue cats but in the future I am very interested in showing.
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Welcome to the site! The most experienced people with showing cats are generally in the Breeders Corner. The Moderator there is actually a show judge.

I hope you find the information you are looking for, and enjoy your time here!
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thank you, right now I have 9 cats, that is a couple to many for my mom and I right now, but we can never get rid of them. Their names and ages are ; Gizmo (14), Mittens (8), Princess (4), Taylor (4), Scooter (3), Mia (3), Neko (11 months),and Doku (9 months). We also have a German Shepard and a golden retriever/chocolate lab mix that thinks they are the mothers of the kitties. I would love to share pictures but our computer had major problems and erased all of them, so now I must set up all the programs and my camera again.
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Welcome to TCS! I show cats and my grandparents are two well known international judges so I might be able to help you some things . I look forward to seeing pictures and getting to know you.
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Have you tried here for the somali's?

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yes I have, I live in Sacramento Ca, and I found someone in LA that has been helping me with questions. Here is a question, does it matter if the Somali is outcross bred (did I say that right?) with an Abyssinian? I don't know if it would change the ability to be shown, or if it would be considered anything different?
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That's definitely a question for the breeders. I suggest you start a thread in the Breeder's Corner with your questions pertaining to out-crossing and such.
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Hi, and welcome to the site.

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WELCOME TO TCS ,Great place to learn about cats, and talk to fellow cat lovers....
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OK OK!!! I found my online photo album so anyone who would like to see my pets click here!
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What beautiful kitties
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Thank you very much!
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Welcome to TCS , you have some very pretty animals . The one pic of your german shepard and the kitten sleeping on him is really cute
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Welcome to TCS!
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Thank you Hedi, Neko (the kitten) was sleeping on my moms lap and she had to get up so she put him on Toby (the german sheperd) and neither one of them cared at all. Toby thinks he is the mom to all the kitties!
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A belated welcome - lovely pics
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Welcome to TCS. I loved your photos.
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Hi chixyb,

your family seems absolutely wonderful! I couldn't give up on any one of them, either...

- Annika
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