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chinese new year

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I know there are a couple of you out there that are in the far east (Kate Ang) and celebrate the new year. I understand that tonight - its chinese new years eve - so to you all out there a long way from here - have a happy new year and a safe one.

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Chuc mung nam moi! That's Vietnamese for "Happy New Years"
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glentheman, are you Vietnamese - I think it is Tet, yesterday or today (my brother in law is Vietnamese)
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Yup, I'm Vietnamese. Did you ask your brother-in-law for a red envelope?
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Happy Chinese New Year.

I believe it is now year of the monkey?

I hope the year is good to go for you all!
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Happy new year!!!!!!
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Happy New Year! What is the year of the monkey supposed to bring for us all? Anyone know?
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Happy New Year!

January 22, 2004 ushers in the Year of the Wood/Green Monkey "Jia Shen". A Year of Movement, discussion and the exchange of ideas. A year highlighting: Politicians, diplomats, ambassadors, writers, spokesmen, storytellers, orators, salesmen, and confidence games. Welcome to the "Riverboat Gambler" year of the Chinese zodiac - the Irrepressible Monkey.

General Overview of Wood Monkey Year
January 22, 2004 through February 8, 2005

A year of sidestepping problems and clever manipulations, backed by intelligence and guile. Short-lived, transitory projects and the open exchange of ideas filters our emotions through an agile and razor sharp intelligence. Using a great sense of humor (and sarcasm) Monkey years, hold out bright prospects of a fascinating future, rich in the unexpected. A year of "transformations." A year to give full rein to your imagination, but also be wary of over-optimism, allowing tolerance of the intolerable. Do not let your garden be over-run with weeds (destructive factions could bring trouble if allowed to propagate). Riots, revolutions and the overthrow of rulers, keep everyone on their toes! Monkey years spin everyone's concept of "normal." Bluffs, tricks, ruses and deceptions abound during Monkey years; Those who enjoy risk and novelty, thrive; Those who prefer predictability and convention, wince.

The peak point in a Wood Monkey year is the Springtime, a period of growth and prosperity. The Wood element represents the first 12 years of life, the time of rapid development, idealism and youthful innocence. Wood element years are prime to begin sizable enterprises, expansions and major cooperation's. Where there is recession, this Monkey year will tend to halt it in it's tracks. Business should shoot up under this years optimistic and cunning influence. The resourcefulness in solving complex dilemmas should be a pleasant surprise.

While each sign repeats every 12 years, the specific combination of Sign (earthly branch) and element (heavenly stem) occur only once every 60 years.

60 years ago, 1944's Wood Monkey brought a climactic year of the second world war, when the threat of disaster brought allied forces together. Cooperation out of necessity.

Southern France invaded
Paris liberated
Philippines liberated
Battle of the Bulge
Battle of the Philippine Seas
US Troops land at Anzio
Bretton Woods conference establishing post-war development and security

Monkey years have also brought their share of natural disasters, as the high-strung Yang+ Monkey ushers in it's naughty mix of deception and environmental temper-tantrums.

1992 (water monkey) hurricane ANDREW roars ashore with a Category 5 pounding the SE Florida & Louisiana coast causing $26,500,000,000 in damage.
1992 hurricane INIKI devastates Kaua'i, Hawaii causing $1,800,000,000 in damages.

Tsunami Events
1992 Nicaragua extensive damage.
1992 Flores Region, Indonesia extreme damage.

Volcanic Activity
1980 MOUNT ST. HELEN'S, Washington, USA erupts At 8:32 Sunday morning, May 18, 1980 (metal monkey) as an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale collapses the north face of the mountain, causing a massive rock debris avalanche. 230 square miles of forest was destroyed, as a mushroom-shaped column of ash rose thousands of feet skyward and drifted downwind, turning day into night over eastern Washington and beyond. The eruption lasted 9 hours.

Spurr, Alaska erupts 1992 (water monkey)
Merapi, Java, Indonesia erupts 1992
Galeras, Columbia erupts 1992
Fernandina, Galapagos erupts 1968 (earth monkey)

From http://www.chineseastrology.com/wu/monkeyyear.html
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no li xi envelopes for us glentheman(me showing off!) but stuff around the alter thay have at home and the place is always packed with flowers at this time as well but they cant get yellow ones. (He tries to tell us he is Catholic! but hedges his bets with the ancestors and Buddha )
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There's a big party where all the chinese restaurants are here in Newcastle
Where their situated it's called "China Town".

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Thanks everyone.

Gong hai fatt choy! I'd type the other thing I say too but I can't figure how to.
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happy new year We went out to eat tonite at a chinese resturaunt ...we didnt even know it was the chinese New Year...they were celebrating...It was great
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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Hope those celebrating got a whole lot of red packets!
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