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I am new on here and I am very interested in showing Somalis, the problem is I can't find many breeders, and the ones I do find are quite far away. Right now I am just in the learning phase so if anyone is willing to help me determine what I should be looking for, or how you get into showing then I would be very appreciative.
Thank you very much,

P.S- I have owned cats my whole life, all are rescues though so I am new to the purebreds. Also I am not looking for a kitten right now, but I will be in the future (close to the end of this year).
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Meagon I answered your post in new cats but I pretty much said you could ask for help, even though I'm aaaaallllll the way over here in New Zealand.

Do you just have one Somali?
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I don't have any somali's yet I will be turning 18 in july and moving out afterwards, probably into an apartment. Which means I can only have two cats. We have 9 here, I will take Mia from here since she is shy and only stays with me, and after I get settled I will probably then get a somali kitten to show. I just want to be prepared. I am thinking of getting a mentor through CFA, that would probably help. How many cats do you have, and what kind?
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OK I see what you mean. Mary Anne(hissy) told you about a great site www.meowhoo.com which you can find somalis on. I thought that in CFA mentors were only for breeders, I have never heard of mentors for showers.. but I may be wrong. I own about 13 cats at my house and many in partnership, mine are persians & exotic shorthairs
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Yeah, I wrote the woman in charge of mentoring and she said I can get a mentor to teach me about showing, or if I was lucky about the breed I am interested in. Maybe it is new now?
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You most likely will find breeder of Aby's also breed Somalis since they are long haired Aby's. Might give that a shot.
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OK That's great. No I just wasn't sure about what was the so on's and so forths over there. Good luck, perhaps the person mentoring you can sell you a suitable show pet?
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Yeah, today I got a book all about Somali's in the mail. That may answer a lot of my questions, but reading about them makes me want them even more!
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If you want to know more about Somalies let me know - My moms girl Piper is a red Solmali.

Here is a pic of the sweet girl!
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Oh thank you! She is very pretty, I read the book on Somalis, and they seem to have great personalities. I am interested in ruddy somali's, and maybe later on fawns. I never see any somali's at cat shows, so I still haven't seen one in person, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to show them. Does she show her somali?
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We got her as a retired breeder at age 4 - but she was a show cat first. She just turned 7 years old and is in her well deserved retirement.

Her official name is : CH Foxykats Piper Maru of Pypurz
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Wow thats so cool. She seems great!
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Aww! What a sweet girl she is Helen!
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