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When it rains it pours!

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my life totally sucks! Things just are not good. Frist I am bring up my 5 grandkids, (money very tight) Then Ted gets laid off again! I get fired,computer dies, now today my car needs fixed! to the tune of $350.00!!!I had hoped 2004 would be better than 2003 no such luck so far. Well at least Ted is back to work again. But at $6.00 A hour money is still tight!! Sorry just needed to ravt !!
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keep your chin up mate - it will get better - trust me...

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Thinking of you, Sherral, one question, do ya have a good umbrella?
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Things may be starting out badly this year, but I hope and pray things will improve for you, and that this will be the year you and your husband both get great jobs.
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Hang in there, Sherral. Things have got to get better!
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Things HAVE to get better, Sherral! My year started off crappy, too. Keith's car broke down to the tune of $1,600. OWIE!! Regardless, I'm sending positive vibes your way!

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Sherral things will get better you and the family are in my thoughts.
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Sherral, Things have just got to get better for you!!
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Just when you think that your life is the pits it'll turn around. Just keep hoping and praying and so will I and my fur-babies.
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When things get tough (I'm living on $48 for the next 2 weeks) I look at a saying a friend had printed and framed for me:

"Tough times never last, but tough people do"

And its true. There is always an end to tough times. It just feels like they last forever.
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Hang in there, it WILL get better, even though sometimes it feels like it never will. ((((((Hugs)))))) cos it's still International hug day for another 26 minutes.(23:34 Jan 21st)
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Hey, everyone's entitled to a 'whine' now and again!!.

Chin up, it will get better!!.

Susan x

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No Cindy,I don't have an umberlla,and I am drowning.
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