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Question about my catsite user cp

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It says that my html tags are off. How do I turn them on? Do I need a certain number of posts before I can? And how do I create those cool signatures with my cat's photo like I have seen some members have? Those are really neat!
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From what I understand TCS doesn't use HTML which is why you can't turn on the HTML tags.

To create a sig you have to make your picture using photoshop, paint shop pro or similar and host it on the net somewhere (lots of people here use imagestation) and in the user cp select 'user profile' from the top. In the 'signature box type [IMG]then the url of your pic, (eg. www.mycat/herpicture.jpg) then[/IMG] that should sort out your signature. I use I love cats to host my pics, it's free and they allow remote linking.

I hope all that makes sense, if it doesn't I'm sure someone else can explain it better (I'm not very technically minded sometimes).
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thanks for your help!
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Ok this may be way too much detail, but here's how to do a signature:

Go to: User CP, edit profile. Then scroll down there is a box that says signature. Go there. Then in a separate window go toImagestation) or somewhere and upload the image. Once you get it uploaded to imagestation, you open the image and then rightclick on it. (MAKE Sure it's not a thumbnail of it!)Then go where it says properties in the box that pops up after you right click. Then highlight all the text beside where it says address/url. Then copy and paste it in your signature box. Type IMG at the begining and /IMG at the end with [ ] aroung both the IMG and /IMG. after that submit modifications and check ur signature by going to a posting you've done. Good luck and let me know if you need more help.
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jeeperscat is correct. Your HTML is off because we use vB code. A good explanation on how to us it is here
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I am playing around with photoshop trying to creat a cool sig like yours (everyone here). Hopefully I can learn something
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Cool! Just let us know if you need anymore help. Hopefully my sig description is enough. Good luck!
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