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I've been away a while. So much has been going on!! I've been able to stop by on very rare occasions from work, but we just got internet access back at home.

My cats have been to the vet recently and I'm worried about Drew. The vet says he has crystals in his urine and that he has to go on a special diet.

I've had one very close friend pass away, as well as a relative. My holiday season was wonderful besides having to deal with that.

Our funds are running low now too. Craig hasn't found another job yet. I'm gonna try to pick up another full time job. I'm gonna miss sleep

I'm so stressed. Sigh.

Also, I wanted to send a special thanks out to Suzy and KittenKrazy for their help. You guys are true angels. I haven't forgotten and I greatly appreciate you both.

I need caffeine, and a tranquilizer before heading to work!
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Hi Cass-

I miss you around here and I am so sorry you are so stressed and worried. Times are tough all over, so you just hang in there gal and know I am thinking of you often. Cyclone sends a purr ....or maybe that's a hiss?
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Cass, remember we are all here for you when you return. I seriousely hope Drew is okay and sending him positive energy. I'm sorry about your loss. I hope things look up for you and Craig soon! You're both in my thoughts!
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((((((((( Cass )))))))))
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Hey Cass - good to see you back. Just you hand on in there - something good will come up eventually; it always does!!!

Keep popping by and let us know how things are going, sometimes ad kitty-fix can do a power of good.
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