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When there is no-one else in the house Itend to leave the toilet door open. My cat insists on staring at me until I finish, she also does this when my flat mate is in. Do anyone else's cat do this?
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All the time! Bathroom doors cannot be shut in my house (no other door either for that matter) They wander in and sit and stare at me or head butt. Not sure what it is they are after!
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Originally posted by tulip2454
Not sure what it is they are after!
They know you're "tied up", so to speak, and therefore will pay them undivided attention.

Ivo's the same way. If I'm in the bathroom I have to leave the door open so she can "supervise".
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All the time! Sometimes they insist on sitting on my lap too... Read about what happened to Luca here:
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Rosie does this also. She even grooms herself while waiting for me!.

If i shut the door on her, she'd cry until i let her in!!!.
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Just read about Luca- that was so funny Shadowfein, I can just image.
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Oh definitely. My cats will not stand for a closed door. If I dare to shut the bathroom door, I see little paws sticking underneath! I don't know why they do that, but both of mine are the same way!
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Since its just Bill and me, living here, I don't close the bathroom door. Rowdy and Buddy are the bathroom supervisors. Rowdy will sit on the litter box cover and pat my knee, until I pet her. Buddy just watches.

Bill does close the door and Rowdy darts in, before the door is shut. She weaves through Bill's legs and chatters to him. Buddy stakes out the hallway and paws at the door. When Bill is shaving, he has to shut Rowdy out, though. She jumps up onto the sink and joggles his arm. Not a good scenario, when one has a sharp object at one's throat!
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If someone uses the bathroom and closes the door Loki plants himself right in front until the door opens again. While he is waiting for it to open he has the funiest look on his face like - Mom I can't see what going on inside and it's my house!!
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Berkley "pets" me when I an using the bathroom. She comes up to me and puts her front legs on my knees and raises one of them up to my nose and "pets" me. Heeheeheee!
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Isn't this such a silly action? I have 8 cats and at any given time there are 8 to 1 cats in the luu. Either drinking out of the faucet (because the water dishes are simply unsuitable), Playing in the tub(especially after a bath/shower when it's warm), or fishing in the toliet itself. (I know it's notright to let them play in the bowl but they only do it until they fall in and figure out the mystery).
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I would think my boys was sick if I didn't have two pairs of eyes watching me in the bathroom They really don't think I know how to use the bathroom by myself and must help me at all times, showers, cleaning or whatever
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We are the same - early every morning when I get up - I goto the bathroom. I know hes there before I even look round and then when using the loo - he jumps in the empty bath and looks at me stupid as if to ask what the hell are you doing?
I have tried this in reverse and lay and watched him using his litter tray - he just looked blank at me and carried on.
Note to self - stop watching cat so often!
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Two of my cats join me in the bathroom, Face and Sqweekers....I just open the door and no matter where they are in the house they come running so I have to wait for them which is hard when i really gotta go..but usually face lays on my feet and sqweekers lays in the sink and just purrs and moews at's cute.....they only do it to me tho not my boyfriend or visitors lol
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You mean there are cats that don't?
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Originally posted by jcat
You mean there are cats that don't?
If there are, I sure never had one! Humans are not capable of using the bathroom in any way, unsupervised.
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I normally don't let my cats in there.. but mum does and she always has one on her knee, gees distracting I mean the cats can have love and attention after I've been to the toilet!
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I never knew any that didn't either. Graycie's not so bad but Shadow, she puts up such a fuss if the door is closed you would think some one was hurting her she meows so much

When Shadow was little we used to play with her underneth closed doors, well one morning my dad had just finished having a shower and his towel and clothes were missing he thought my mom had been playing a joke on him but it turned out that Shadow had reached under the door and snagged the things with her claws, pulling them out and hiding them in the closet What a silly cat.
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Last Sunday, I mopped the bathroom floor. As I was sweeping, prior to the mopping, Rowdy and Buddy attacked the broom. Never mind, that Buddy was dropping tufts, necessitating more sweeping. I have a stand-up dustpan (bending is not in my repetoire) and Rowdy HAD to stick her head into that, as I tried to sweep the detritus into it.

My mop bucket sits in the hall, just outside the door and Buddy thought that it would be fun to dabble in that. He finally decided to supervise, from the top of my jewelry armoire (it sits in the hall). Rowdy, however, elected to supervise from the toilet (lid closed) and swat at the mop handle as it went by her.

As soon as I finished the first mopping, both of them prowled the wet floor, sniffing and sneezing. I had to chase them out and close the door, which meant that the floor took longer to dry. As soon as I went back, for the second pass, there they were, again.

I am allowed to do pretty much anything, in any other room on my own but, I can do nothing in the bathroom, without an audience!
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