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Cats and Air Mattresses?

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Has anyone successfully had an inflated air mattress and cats in the same room without it being damaged? If you keep their nails trimmed will they still be able to puncture it? Any ideas as to how to make it work? Thanks.
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We use an air mattress when we have company but Solaman in not a playful kitten anymore. He gets on there and just lays down so we don't worry to much. I might be a bit apprehensive using one if he was still a kitten though .
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I'm not sure how thick the material is for air mattresses, but when the cats were kittens we had a waterbed. We played on it every night, and never had a puncture from their claws (or anything else for that matter).
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POP, POP, SSSSS,SSSSS. We've had 3 different air mattress for guests and every time one of the kittys gets it. And we trim ALL their nails!
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nah em just lays on it.
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I got a little self inflatable air mattress for christmas the kitties didn't pop it and the material was rather thin.
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We have had one inflated without problems. Its a Coleman from Sears with very thick material though. Plus Zero wears Soft Paws on his front feet; the back claws are trimmed. I suppose its all in the thickness of the material. Or you can Soft Paw all four feet
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