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Finding a pet sitter?

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I need to find a reputable pet sitter in Pembroke Pines, Florida. I have no idea even where to start to look. Can anyone give me any tips on how to find someone who is trustworthy?

Thanks so much!
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After bringing Rosie home from the cattery at christmas, it took her a long time to settle back in to her routine, so i can't put her through that again.

The offers i've had from friends who will go to my house and see to Rosie's needs if i have to go away again has been incredible!, and one of them is a girl from another cat website here in the UK, who lives not far from me. I've never met her before, but feel as if i know her personally (As everyone on this site can relate!!).

It would be a lot easier on my mind knowing i have someone that i know, to enter my home,and look after my baby!.


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I live in Margate, maybe we could work something out
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You can also check with your vet, sometimes they know people who pet sit and can give references. I picked up a business card from a pet sitter from my vet, I've never called her but i'm keeping it just in case!
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I just finished an article where I polled over 100 pet sitters to get their input. It is a brand new article that will be online on TCS in Feb.

Here is a sneak preview, and I hope it helps

Pet Sitters
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