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Talking Cats.

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Hi. lovers are kind of noted for going over the top about their cats. But, I'm not alone in thinking this. I've had cats, who could "talk". No, they weren't sitting in a chair, having a smoke and discussing politics.Yet, they understood what we say has meaning, but it's like someone is talking to us in Russian.Who knows is being said. They use "words". I have one that has a definite meow, sort of a short 'mrow', that means canned cat food. When I'm going to feed him, I'll tell him "foodes". Often he'll meow, "mrow" (canned food), and I'll say " No, No Mrow" which means dry cat food. That's the only time he "mrows". It's weird realizing you just had a conversation with your cat. He understands what "go out" means. I had a cat, Mikey, who meowed something that sounded like "go out". He'd sit by the door and meow that. I was talking on the phone to my girlfriend and Mikey was meowing at the door. She said, "Who's there?" I said nobody. She got all huffy and said, "Well, WHO is saying "Go out"? Yeah, you try telling her it was the cat. She wouldn't believe me until she saw him meow herself.

There's just too many cat people, who have stories like that. No, they can't run over and meow that Timmy fell into the well, but they have an affinity for human speech as having some sort of meaning, and attempts to mimic speech by meowing in certain ways.

Anybody have a story? Or do I get out my tin foil hat?


BTW, do you notice they don't understand human laughter? They think it's a bad thing and get all excited.


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clap.gif that's a great story! My cats full understand the word treats and get all excited and run to the bookshelve where I keep the TREATS. I think they know they get Friskies canned in the morning cause I ask them if they want Friskies before I feed them.
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I think my cat imitates my tone of voice. When he wants something, he sits in front of me and chirps "Brrrrt?" just like a person asking a question. There have been several times I could swear he said, "Yeah." Sometimes I talk to him and he says "yeow"  that sounds like a bored "yeah." Very funny.


He understands lots of words - come here, treats, no, sorry, birds, squirrels. One day I was waiting on someone to come pick me up, and he was sitting on the couch next to me. I said, "Why don't you go watch the birds?" And he did! He went immediately to the cat tree where he watches the birds out a window. 

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Sometimes my cat BabyKitty says "hwellwro" like she's saying "hello" or "cawerwol" like she's calling for Carol, who is someone who lives with me. Whenever she does it it's very loud and it seems to have a bit of a pleading tone, as if trying to say "is anybody out there?". It's cute but you feel bad at the same time like she needs your help. She makes a similar noise again and again when she's hungry but it doesn't sound like a word. After she "speaks" a cat-ish word she stops after one time, and it's very rare for her to do it in the first place. She never ceases to amaze me!

I tried laughing next to her. She didn't seem to mind. Perhaps if you laugh too loud your cat just doesn't like the loud noise. Yes, it was real laughter. I just got a funny video up on my phone and sat down next to her. I've laughed loudly next to her before and she ran, but it was very sudden and probably just startled her.
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Sinbad calls me 'mama' and when he loses me, he'll run around the house calling 'mamamamamama.'  He "loses" me a lot when I'm sick and I nap, I guess because my smell of being present is lost in the general smell of me in the bed/blankets. According to my hubby whenever that happens and he's home, Sinbad will paw at him making that 'mama' sound as a whine until he picks him up and carries him to me.


He also knows quite a lot of phrases. To list a few of the phrases he knows:


I'll be right back. // Just a few minutes.

Snuggles in the bed.

Snuggles in the blanket.

Want to play?

Look at the window/fish/daddy/mommy.

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When Hekitty is sitting in the window, bird watching, I know pretty much what size-range the birds are by her vocalizations.  They are very distinct.  She has a questioning "mrrrrp" that she uses when she seems to be fascinated by what I'm up to, but unsure what it is, and before she was spayed (I was late roommate was constantly short on rent, and I had to take up the slack, plus she didn't go into heat till after her first birthday-Hekitty, not the roommate, a real late bloomer) when she went into heat, she'd stand at the door and very distinctly say,'Let MEOWT!  Let MEOWT!  NEOW, NEOW, NEOW!!!"

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