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Which feral cat trap is the best?

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Hi everyone. I need some advice. I have just discovered Alley Cat Allies, and they have a great website with a marketplace section advertising different companies that sell cat traps. I used to call a woman who I knew did feral rescue, and borrow her trap when I needed to catch any cats that I was feeding when my mom and I decided to finally take them in as our own, but lately I have been thinking of buying a trap of my own, since this woman is very busy with her volunteering, and I don't want to bug her all the time. There are two sites that sell cat traps:



I looked over these two sites and the numerous traps they offer, but can't make up my mind as to which one I should get. All the selections make my head spin! I thought since there are so many feral cat rescuers in this forum, you guys could tell me what you use. I really appreciate it!

P.S. One time I went to my local Petsmart, thinking they would sell cat traps there, and I was shocked to find out they didn't! I think this is dumb. It would be cheaper for me to buy it in a store, instead of ordering it through the mail, where I have to pay shipping fees. Anyone else agree with me?
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This is the type we use! They're great.
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I used to borrow the Tru-catch from my vets and found that I couldn't set the spring load light enough to catch smaller cats (it wouldn't spring). I will admit that the cage was older, on the rusty side (I cleaned it up the best I could), but had problems with it.

My humane society recommended the Tomahawk and I bought one with the fast release door. It was a little more expensive, but a lot easier to get the cats out of the cage once they are in it.

I also looked at Havaheart, but none of theirs had the quick release door. The Tru-catch also doesn't have the quick release door.
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