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caring for declawed cats

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My sister in law had recently gotten a kitten and had her declawed about a month or two ago. (this relative cannot be talked to, incidentally, I did try). Recently the kit has started peeing outside the box and she may bring her to the shelter.

what I want to know, is if cats that have peeing problems can be taught to overcome it? I may take her in if this is the case. I have a spare room that she can stay in and I know about enzymatic cleaners. dont even ask if this relative is going to take the cat in to the vet, she will not.

has anybody taken in a cat with known problems from declaw and how has it turned out? I am going to do a search on the internet on declaw problems and see if there is anything that can be done.

this is her:
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Sadly, more times than not because of the pain the cat has to endure to be able to tolerate the declaw, behavior issues do result as a part of it. But I would bet that the litter is hurting her paws and so I would suggest going to something like shredded newspaper. Yes, it does not control odor, but you can run a unit such as citypet has to help control the odor. But the stress and the pain, can turn some cats and kittens inside out as they learn to deal with the unnatural way their balance and their paws are now affected.

Here is the link to citypet ionic air filter:


My heart goes out to this poor cat.
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You sound like you are very sensible in this situation!.

Please take the kitten from your relative, the poor baby has had enough stress to last it a lifetime with having to go through this horrible procedure!

She's got a gorgeous little face, i feel like crying when i look at her!.

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My first cat was declawed before I got her. She had a hard life...3 homes in 6 months and the declaw. Then I got her and gave her some stability.

After she was declawed, yes, her defenses changed. She went from using her claws as defense to using her teeth. She never "bit" me, but she would rake her teeth over my hand and scratch with them. Or she would clamp down hard enough to hold the hand, but not break skin. She never trusted my sister again (the person that declawed her) But for me, she was always a sweetheart that loved to cuddle and kiss.
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She's such a beautiful little girl! Poor baby!!

Cats are very smart, but sometimes their logic is flawed. Even if (and that is a big IF) she isn't in pain anymore from the hacking of her toes, she may remember how very much it hurt when she used the litterbox when it did. Not understanding medical issues like healing, she thinks the litterbox made her hurt, so she won't go near that thing again! Perhaps something as simple as throwing out the old box, getting all new and switching litter would do the trick (try the shredded newspaper like Hissy suggested at first, then blend the regular litter or try a totally different kind - like crystals - something not remotely like the litter that hurt her).

Good luck with her!!
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omg this post makes me so sad and mad!!!!

Please take this sweet adorable baby from this obvious sorry excuse for a cat owner. If anyone can rectify her behaviour I believe you can.
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after looking on the internet and reading about lifelong problems, I was a little scared. you guys really support me on this and I WANT to, (and I cant help but to voice this concern) but what if she doesnt use the box again, even with shredded paper? she is a very sweet kitty! I cant think about my relative owning animals when she is such an idiot. I get too worked up.
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If she is avoiding it because she remembers the pain, and she very well might be, then you throw the whole litter box away, buy a brand new box different in shape and size and try that. Sometimes, visually tricking them will work. My friend Brenda who only rescues declawed cats with behavior problems uses rabbit pellets for litter- (rabbit food) says it is kinder to their feet then the small grainy litter.
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excellent! I am definitely going to try. thanks hissy!!!
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Susan: I too feel like crying when I look at this beautiful kitty! Seriously. THIS CAT NEEDS LOTS OF LOVE... You can see it all over her face!!!!!!!

Sicy: OMG I agree with you 300%

....... Being 100% serious here, I feel like heading to Chicago just to adopt this precious baby if the situation proves too much for rfox. BTW, rfox: Wishing you the fullest success! Anyway this baby looks like my cat Penny and Penny needs a friend. I think in time and if given the right conditions this cat could be a very special angel like my Penny :angel2:
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Please let us know what the outcome is. We would love to hear that you've rescued this gorgeous fur ball, and took her home with you!!.

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Purina makes a compressed paper litter called yesterdays news that is softer than clay litter and is more absorbent. It costs a little more than most litter but it may do the trick for you.
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what a poor baby....you can see unhappiness in her eyes
Please take her....I have also read about a plug in called feliway...that releases cat pheromones....alot of people use it for behaviuor problems...you plug it in by the litter box....not sure if it could work but might help
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What a beautiful face I hope things improve for this gorgeous bundle of fur.
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Hi rfox, I was wondering if you could possibly give us an update on this darling baby

Hope all is well

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That is so sad for this sweet kitty, looks like my Scampers You are so sweet to step in and help. I know what you mean when you try to talk someone out of declawing and they do it anyway Then they find out the cat is still not perfect and want to get rid of it
People have to understand cats are cats.
Keep us updated
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It makes me SO MAD that people still declaw their cats.
I mean, what is WRONG with these people?? Someone should snip off the tip of their fingers to show them how much it hurts.


Sorry for the outburst but I just get so pissed.

I feel for the poor little thing.. she is so adorable..
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Hi all, I just have to put my two cents in.. I have two cats and I have a skin disroder and my skin is fragile as a butterfly wing.. Any way.. I love cats to dealth.. I had to get my two babys Jesse & Buddy declawed due to my skin.. They have never been mean or anyhting.. Never had a problem after they got declawed.. I felt bad at the time when they had them taken off.. But, I love them to dealth and I wanted to keep them!.. Take Care

To learn more about my skin disorder goto www.ebinfoworld.com
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Well just like one human is different from the next human so is one cat different from the next cat. BUT I believe that for most cats, declawing equals horrifying.
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Don't make me feel bad.. I didn't wanna declaw them.. But anywho.. I am mommy to Jess & Buddy!!
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Don't worry. Some cats have no problems after a declaw. (My two never had an once of trouble). I understand the argument against it and I probably wouldn't have done it if I had known at the time, but my two boys are fine! Plus, you shouldn't feel bad! You have a reason to have them declawed. I'm sure your kitties are happy to have a great home with a great owner!
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Thanks for making me feel better.. Yes they are my babys.. They are like my kids I tell you.. LOL.. I am such a big cat lover that I even like the panthers and everything.. Not that I would "try" to have them as pets.. But they are nice and pretty to look at.. My buddy looks like one since he is all black.. He's just a mini me of a panther! hehehe..
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oops. didn't intend to make you feel bad. sorry
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c1atsite, I was just kididng.. No need to be sorry.. t the time they had it done I felt bad..
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by the way, welcome to TCS
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c1atsite, thatnks for the welcome!!!
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rfox, are you around to provide an update on this kitty?

sorry to be a pest

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I'd like to hear an update too.

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Bumping this up. What happened to this kitty?
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We had a problem very similar to this a couple of years ago with our cat, Kasey. Eventually, we ended up locking her in the room w/the litterbox in it for awhile, and out of frustration - completely removing all of the litter. She then went in the litterbox with no litter, but would not go prior to that no matter what kind of litter (or newspaper) we tried. We did the empty litterbox thing until the vet okay'ed the switch back to her normal litter, and have had relatively few problems since (other than her getting stressed out w/us being gone for a week, leaving her w/a stranger in our home). We have recently gotten a new kitten, and (knock on wood) Kasey has still been using her litterbox as normal. Good luck!
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