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My first feral kitty.....

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At work I have been noticing a really beautiful long haired tabby with white hanging around trying to catch the birds and squirrels that hang out at the feeder we have in the back of the office. I have bought some food for him and is now feeding him on a regular basis.

The only thing I am worried about is he is really skinny but very friendly. He had to have been somones pet and got out or was abandoned recently. I want to take him in to be fixed but am concerned that he is still someone's pet in the area. He will let me rub him but you can feel all of his bones in his body He will meow at me for attention when I am on my break out back. Should I attempt to take him in to be fixed or wait a little while before trying this?? I will have to take my camera to work so I can get a picture of this handsome fellow
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Because he is so thin I would suspect parasite problems and would try and get him in to be checked and neutered.
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Forgive me, but I wouldn't worry if he was still someone's pet if he's that skinny. You need to get him to a vet, examed, fixed, and if friendly try and find a home. Obviously he's not being taken well care of and deserves much better!
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I agree...a cat who is that skinny either doesn't beling to anyone or is being neglected by the person who is supposed to care for him. By starving the cat I consider that evidence that they have given up their rights to the cat.

So..I agree with the others that you should take him in to be neutered, dewormed, and vaccinated.
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I will be trying to crate him this Saturday so I can get him checked out at the vet's office and schedule him to be fixed. I think I can get him in the crate without a lot of fuss from him. I am not sure but I think he is declawed he want let me mess with his feet enough to see for sure if he is.

I talked to the vet's office today when I picked up Oscar and Nakita. Oscar had his annual shots and checkup, Nakita was spayed. The vet's receptionist told me that they are booked up for surgery for three weeks.
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Too bad they are so booked up at the vet. But, I'm glad you are going to help this poor kitty. Bravo to you!

I sure hope that he isn't declawed, but I wouldn't put it past some people to declaw a cat and then dump it where it can't defend itself!
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Cathi- I hope you make a booking for this poor boy, he needs attention. Glad you're helping him out..
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I tried yesterday to find this handsome boy to take him to the vet This beautiful kitty must realize that on the weekends we are not at the office usually and didn't even show up for his meal while I was at work yesterday. I am taking my carrier to work with me again on Monday to see if I can get him then and take him on my lunch break.
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Cathi, you are wonderful for trying to care for this kitty! Good luck tomorrow - I'll keep you and kitty in my thoughts.
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Well I have tried since Saturday to get this kitty to the vet. I have yet to see him show up at the usual time I have left food out for him and it is disappearing I hope that he is getting it and not the squirrels, even though they can have some too. Hopefully this boy is safe and warm somewhere. I am going to continue to put food out for him anyway
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Yesterday this beautiful boy showed up to eat I was really glad to see him and gave him a lot of food and some scratches behind the ear. I have the vet lined up to check him out on Wednesday, I just hope he comes around lunch time. Please keep your fingers crossed that he shows so I can get him checked over.
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If he's that friendly perhaps he could be resocialized and adopted out rather than TNR'd. If you can't do it, is there a shelter around where they would have foster homes?

It's great you're looking out for this lucky kitty.

p.s. - not putting out food, or only a little, the day before will make him hungrier and more likely to show up Wed. Even more insurance would be to snag him on Tues.
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Good luck! I'll be thinking of you Tuesday (just in case) AND Wednesday.
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Sending lots of Come Out Kitty vibes to you!
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Everyone will be pleased to know that I have found this beautiful boy a home today. I got him in to get his shots and checked over. he has been wormed and treated for fleas. He was given a clean bill of health although a little underweight for his size/age. The vet guesstimated him to be about a year old.

As soon as I got him back at the office a girl that I know was working on the house next to the office and inquired about him wanting to know who he belonged to.

I told her as far as I knew he was a stray that had started to hang out at the back of our office and he needed a good home. She has given this beautiful guy a furever home I will miss him yet I am tickled that he has a new home. I know that she will be a good Mom to him since she has a whole farm full of animals that she takes very good care of.
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what a wonderful ending
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Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!
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I thought this girl was taking my furry friend to live at her house. He showed up at the back of the office today wanting food and attention. So of course I am going to give him what he wants.

It really burns me up when someone tells me a lie So my furry friend and I will just continue our little realationship out back. I may not be able to take him home because of my hubby but I can flat sure take care of him on my job.
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But at least he is fixed now...and maybe, just maybe someone else will come along and want him.

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How frustrating!!!! But, I agree with Katie. Thanks goodness he is being fed and watered and that you had him neutered. Perhaps you will be able to find another much better person who can take him home.
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