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Cat litter and big paws

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My cat Scotch has huge paws. He is fond of spreading his toes, which presents a huge problem when he gets out of the litter box. I use Fresh Step Scoopable, and it gets all over my bathroom, in my room, carpet, bed - everywhere. I have tried using a rug underneath the box, and also mats specifically designed to picking up the litter from their paws, but it doesn't help enough. Can anyone recommend a brand or type of litter that won't stick in his paws as much??
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I use Yesterdays news, which is a litter made from recycled news paper. The litter is quite large, it is in pellet form. It does not clump, but it does not get spread all over the house like most clay litters do. I only find it outside the box because our big Amber likes to kick it around.
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Where do you find Yesterdays News? I haven't ever seen it in a store.
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They sell it at PetSmart and we also have stores called Pet Supplies Plus.
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You can also buy a piece of astro turf and put it under the litter box. Make it big enough so the cat has room to track on it, and that will pull the litter out of the pads. If you are using clumping litter, I would reccommend you start checking between the pads of the feet for clumps that might be forming.This happens when the cat urinates, then scoops, gets the paws wet and the litter makes lumps between the pads and it can get quite painful.
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I use Yesterdays News and the only problem I have with it is I can't scoop it. It is way to big, am I just supposed to dump the whole thing? Or are there larger holes in certain litter scoopers?
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The scooper I use has slots in it, but you are correct, it is a little hard to scoop. Some good litter does get scooped out, but not much. You just have to do a little uncovering, then scoop. I still like it though.
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