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What's Your Middle Name?

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What is your middle name and do you like it?

Mine is Mischelle (Lisa Mischelle) - and I LOVE it. The spelling makes it unique and special. I guess that's what I like about it so much.
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Mine is Dawn. I never really cared for it much when I was younger, but now it doesn't bother me. I don't hear the name Dawn as much now as I did back then, so it's kind of unique in a sense.

Lisa, that is a unique way of spelling your middle name. I can't recall how many times people try to spell my name that way...that or when people read my name too quick with out thinking, they end up calling me Michael.

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hmmmm.. middle name.. we dun have one in singapore cos our chinese names here first name plus your actual name...
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Mine is Lynn and my frist name is spelled Sherral (also weird) But I like both of them.
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Mine is Danielle and I love it! Pretty funny middle name to go with my first though hehe Corina Danielle.
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If I tell you I will have to kill you JK

No really my middle name is Juanita, named after my Mom.
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Mine is Lee...i was named after the actress Michele Lee
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Originally posted by blondiecat
If I tell you I will have to kill you JK

No really my middle name is Juanita, named after my Mom.
LOVE that name! I work with the sweetest lady named Juanita!
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My middle name is Gemma, hated it when I was younger LOVE it now because it is different. It is after a nun! My mom had a VERY hard time getting pregant (ten years!) and finally some nuns did a novina (spelling) and she got pregant! So they named me after my dad's cousin that was a nun and got the other nuns to pray.

If I am ever lucky enough to have alittle girl her middle name will be Rosina after my great grandmother (Veronica Rosina, anyone want to send some healthy baby board magic, i'm getting tired of trying )
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My middle name is Lynn(Stacey Lynn). I love them both.
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Mine is Ellen. And anyone who calls me Sue Ellen faces my wrath. I hate it. I'm not fond of my first name, either, it is too common.
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I named myself , I for personal reasons legally changed my first and middle name in may of 2003 although ppl have been calling me Dana for years. My first name is Dana one of the oldest known celtic mother goddesses , Im into celtic mythology my middle name is Laci , I met my husband in a MSN religion chatroom more than 3 years ago my online nick was Lacey it was his idea to add it to my name while I was changing my first name , I changed the spelling to Laci in honor of Laci Peterson , I felt such horror over what happened to her and her family that I thought changing the spelling of the name I was already going to use was a way to honor her memory.

hope you all dont think Im too weird now
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That's interesting. Where I am from, when asked for your 'middle name' you give your mom's maiden surname. I suppose in the West, middle name is your second Christian name, right?
Well, then I guess the English meaning of my second name would be "Joy".
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I just found a web site where you can check the meaning of your name. My first name, "Lisa" means "consecrated to God" (Hebrew). My middle name "Mischelle" means "who is like God" (French). Here is the link:

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Mine's Ann. Alicia Ann. It's okay, it seems to go well with my first name, which is spelt wrong btw, it was to be spelt Alecia but my dad messed up If I were to change my name I would use Katrina Harriet for my great granma and my granma
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mine is Joy.

I had the middle name taken from an aunt.
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Mine is Daisy. When I was a kid, I made the mistake of telling one person, and got more kidding than I cared for, so wouldn't tell anyone for a long time. I never disliked the name, it was my Mum's, and that was more than OK. It was the disrespect [a] for my wishes, and [b] for my Mum's name, that made me angry. However, that's long ago and far away, and I haven't been in touch with the main offender for the better part of 40 years, so I'm loosening up a bit about it. And, yes, I like it.
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I am the only person I know (besides my brother) without a middle name. My mom said that they are pointless and plus she wished us to choose our own in confirmation (catholic thing). So my confirmation name is Julia however it's not really my middle name although a lot of forms were filled out with that name and it made a big mess but oh well.
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My middle name is Michelle, my first name is Nattasha. I used to hate my name, it was too long. Now I love it!
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I am Angela Natalie.

And I do like it. My parents just chose them because the liked the names - no family significance.

I am sending you baby dust Princess Purr! :-)
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My middle name is Claire (first name Alexis) Looked both of them up on that 'name site' neither are there! I love both names
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Looks like i'm the only one who does'nt have one!.
Can i make one up!!

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Well I don't really have one seeing as my name is Samantha-Ann. But I get called Samantha more often and Sam and Sammy when I'm good!

Cool thread!
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Rhian Lynne. The Lynne is spelt wrong because my dad registered me(it was supposed to by Lynn after my nan) and Rhian is a welsh name (taken from Rhiannon originally I think)that all my foreign exchange student pals pronounce as Ryan (instead of rhee - anne) I hate my first name cos it's almost unheard of outside Wales.
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My Name is Cindy Sue. I love both my first and middle name because it is very rare someone my age (26) to be named Cindy. And it's not Cynthia just plain ol Cindy. I like my middle name also cause it's the only thing that would sound good with just plain ol Cindy
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Mine is Kellye Anne.
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Mine is Rene'e -- I guess I like it.... Kimberly Rene'e...
The only person who called me "Rene'e" was my mother
and that meant I was in trouble, LOL!

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I dont have one I have my confirmation name which is Gabrielle. But I don't us it.
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Mine's Dawn, after my dad whose name is Donnie.

I never really liked my name, still don't I guess, but I'm not going to go through the trouble to change it now.

I love my daughters middle name though, chosen by my hubby. Her full name is Tierney Danae (pronounced Teernee Dahnay)
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