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Has your cat seen you naked?

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(Be sure your speakers are turned up !)
Naked Slave
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So THAT'S what Rowdy is thinking, when she watches me in the tub!
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OMG! LOL! I haven't laughed that hard all day! Thank you! I needed that!
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I'm so glad cats don't make that noise in real life
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Toooo cute!!! I love that laugh!
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Sam, I just saw your post. I used to have a BOSS that made that noise in real life!!!
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i just cracked up when I clicked on that link Ken even got a chuckle from this one too He was standing in the doorway telling me something.
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Aww.... Man, I certainly needed that tonight!! What a knee slapper! Thznks for sharing that with us Cindy
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OMG that is so funny! My 4 year old is cracking up right now. Thanks for the laugh.
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LOL That's so cute! I love that laugh!
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That is too cute! Kitty snorts!

I still remember when the cats were kittens, and we were the first two people Ophelia had ever seen. For about a month after we got her, she got a panicked look on her face whenever we got undressed. I swear she asked, "OMG, why are you taking off your fur!!!???"
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That is so funny!!! Anastasia was on my lap, sleeping and when I clicked that she woke up and stared at the screen.
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Lola laughes sometimes but it is that scary feral laugh! It would drive me crazy if all my kitties laughed and snorted like that
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OMG too funny!!!
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Hilarious! Thank you for sharing!
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My kitty comes into the bathroom while Im taking a bath and looks at me like you fool do you realize your sitting in a tub of water!

this is really personal but funny , when I was in my early 20's I had a cat he always used to come into the bathroom with me his name was TJ I got out of the shower and was bent over the sink looking in the mirror he um bit me on the end of my know I let out a screach my ex husband came running in and was trying not to laugh and exclaimed "typical male" LMAO it wasnt funny then but is really funny now
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Very cute
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I howled at it!!!.

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I wasn't able to listen to it. It said Bandwithe Exceeded.
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Originally posted by Lorie D.
Sam, I just saw your post. I used to have a BOSS that made that noise in real life!!!
OMG! That would drive me nuts!

Yes Hope I got the same problem as well.. it must be popular? Try again later.
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Today it was working again - that is really funny, but it freaked JC out!
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I've been waiting for someone to say that, none of my Himmies paid it any mind, but the two feral kittens that we brought in out of the cold went ballistic!
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LOL!! That was good!!
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Oh my! I was not expecting that! Too funny!
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LOL!!! You know how DH isn't fond of cats??? He LIKED that one!
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When I first saw this, I thought, "Boy!, they sure can let it rip pretty loud!"
LOL, too cute!
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Too Cute
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That is so hilarious! I love the kittens face.
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