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OMG I don't believe it!

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Little Hallie is 7.5 lbs as of tonight! Cool, huh? YAY Hallie! She may turn into a little pork chop yet!
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Great news! Yay Hallie!!!
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Way to go Hallie!!!!
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Congrats to you Hallie and to her owner who is not skimpy on the treats for her I'll bet. WTG!
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Alllllll Right Hallie is getting to be a little bubble butt isn't she? That is great news and keep up the good lovin and the treats
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Tres Cool for cutie Haille!! and for You mommie too!!
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Congratulations!! Keep growing Hallie.
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Wow , that is great news
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That's the way to go, little Hallie!
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Awwww, i've clicked onto your link, and she's soooooo cute!

Well done Hallie!.

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Yay!!! Congrats!!!
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Thanks everybody! We appreciate all your encouragment! It's been a long hard struggle for Hallie and I'm sure it's not over. But at least for now she seems to be healthier then ever. She still has times when she doesn't feel well but they only seem to last about 3 days. I'm thinking maybe some of the cysts on her kidneys have popped when she isn't feeling well. At least that's what I've been told is a possibility. When she's not feeling well Peaches takes care of her and at least she doesn't seem to lose too much of her appetite! Hallie doesn't really get treats. We have to be careful about what she eats so she doesn't get any more protein then necessary since protein isn't good for her kidneys.
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