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Behavior of Lactating Cat-

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Hi I'm not sure where this belongs but please move this where you see fit.

You see the problem is we have two litters of kittens, Holly has one kitten and Sophie has three, we decided seeing as they both had small litters that we would start putting them together, after a few days they were all happily living in the same cage. Sophie had been since about 2 weeks after she had given birth not wanting to be in there we had tryed EVERYTHING we put heavy heavy thing on the cage and we secured it with everything but still she managed to escape, she got really careless and not starting to be with her babies. After we put her in with Holly she improved for a few weeks but now weeks on she just wants to be out. Should I force her with the kittens? By putting them in her and a cage and putting heavy stuff on so she can't escape? Aww but I tried that and she just meowed and roared and carried on. She occasionaly comes into feed them but Holly does most of that. But yeh I'm really at wits end and I'm starting to think maybe sophie isn't cut out to be a mother??

Your thoughts muchly appreciated.

*edited to add, Holly doesn't mind looking after the babies infact she treats them as if they are her own, but the real reason really for starting this thread was because I was wondering if next time she has a litter of kittens, would she do this again??*
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It's very possible that she may not be a good mother. Sometimes if you have a young mother, it could be a fluke and it won't happen with the next litter and she is older. The fact that the other cat has taken over is fine, and will work out. If you plan to breed Sophie again, she may do the same thing so I would plan to have a backup mom just incase.
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Thanks for the quick advice Sandie.

I think we will mate Holly & Sophie at around the same time again at the end of this year just incase, Sophie had nice looking kittens so I feel we really should give her another go.

Thanks again.
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