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Our Daily Thread For Saturday

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Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We're going to a birthday party for a friends little boy this morning. It's going to be a lot of fun. These people lived next door to us for 5 years and then moved earlier this year. We miss them alot, even though they only moved about 30 minutes away. She is also a stay at home mom, so we did lots of stuff together. Their new house has a really nice swimming pool so we drive up there about once a week to swim, but it's not like having them right next door. Today's party is a swimming/cookout party, and the kids are just SO excited (so are the grownups).

(We must sound pretty boring and domestic to a lot of you, but such is the life with little kids.)
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Sounds like a nice day is ahead of you, Dawn.
My Saturday will be even more domestic and boring, I am afraid. Just the usual cleaning and cat care and laundry! I am thankful, however, that this humid and hot weather seems to have passed here in the northeast! HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!
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Dawnt91; I'm so sorry I missed the DT until now. You may be back home. I hope your swimming party/cookout was fun for everyone involved! :jarswim::pinky: Hope the weather was EXCELLENT! (but not too hot) I do not think your "life" is boring; just filled with action and the "Love of friends and family" Sounds like a GREAT way to spend a Saturday!!!!! :laughing2 :
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Saturday: Got up.. took a shower.. gave the kitties fresh litter, water, and food. Went down to the kitchen.. cleaned that up.

One of our roommates has left. We are all leaving to our own place. One of them.. named Javan moved back to Costa Rica today. As I type this he is either in the air or in Dallas waiting for his lay-over. Costa Rica.. I'm green with envy!:tounge2: So.. the place isn't as crowded anymore... now instead of 4 people and 3 kittens in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom. It's 3 people and 3 kittens... still crowded but not as bad.

Friday our other roommate Bill is moving back to Oregon. It seems everyone we know is leaving California... if Craig didn't have such a nice job.. I think we would be on the same train.. heading to another place. We also start moving into our new place on Friday! I'm so excited!!! One week and I'm outta the city and into the hills!!!

So.. today I'm cleaning, packing, doing laundry, and playing with my kittens... we actually I'm taking a break from packing.. Craig is doing the packing today.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful Saturday!
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Robert & I are just hanging out. I'm watching a 'Bands on the Run' marathon on VH-1 & he's playing with his playstation 2. it's all set up so that we are both in the bedroom & can also interact & talk so we aren't in seperate rooms.

In a couple hours we have to leave to see Madonna.

We had lunch with a friend who saw the show last night, & he said the he & his girlfriend were disapointed in the lack of hits that she did.

I think tomorrow we are going to go to a movie.

hope it's not too hot in St.Louis Darlene (can you believe I'm going to miss BB2 AGAIN?!?!?, I'm so bummed!!!)
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It was a kid activity day for me, too. Mine had horseback riding lessons this morning. Then, off to buy school supplies. That was a treat, as the local Wally World was picked clean. Finally, their cousin's birthday party at the laser tag joint. It's always a thrill to see my ex's family, especially the 2 that are divorced (birthday boy's parents) and the losers they have hooked up with since.

But the day wasn't a complete waste, as I was cruising in the Tahoe!! (long story)
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Happy Saturday everybody!

I slept till 9:30 then took Mollie Rose and Maya Linn to the vet. Mollie Rose is in the hospital (not to worry). She's being treated for asthma with shots of steroids. I'm bringing her home on Monday. The vet said it would be better for her if she got a head start by having the shots as opposed to giving her pills. So, that's where she is. Of course, she copped a real Tortietude, but the vet laughed and said it was typical.

I fixed my own toilet today I was SO proud of myself. It kept running all the time. I took the rubber thingey out and replaced it with a new one and it hasn't leaked since!!!! I saved my landlord a ton of money on his water bill.

Oh well, all that aside, I'm watching cops right now and am going to turn in early tonight. I am so tired.

BTW AP and Deb25, it was great talking to both of you last night. I love telephone conferencing. Let's do it again real soon, huh??

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Same here, Donna. I felt like some kind of executive being on a conference call!
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me three!!!!

it was fun & we will have to do it again soon
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