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Pollýanna might have cancer

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I talked to the vet today, and she said it´s possible she has cancer. I am so worried for her...
This is not a "Health and nutrition" post actually, I just wanted you guys in the lounge to know, and tell you how worried I am for my little girl. I cant stop crying.

To tell you a little bit what this is about (and that is in "health and nutrition", well, a part of it anyway), Pollýanna lost a lot of fur in October and got a hormonal shot, in case that was a hormonal thing. Sometime after that she started growing cysts on her chests, and they are growing bigger and bigger every day, and more and more appear. The vet thought this was due to the hormones, but the hormone shot should have allmost worn out by now and this is still growing rapidly instead of declining...
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Oh no!!!! Hoping and praying it's not! Sending hugs and good vibes to you and her both!!!
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Oh no! You must be so upset.

I am sending my "don't let it be cancer" vibes to Pollyanna.
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Poor Kitty and You, I pray it's not cancer....
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Oh no, Pollyanna is definitely in my thoughts!
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Oh dear, I'm so sorry about this bad news. My thought will be with you and Polyanna. Poor baby.
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I'm sure pollyanna will be fine... sending her mega healing vibes.. hope it is nothing serious.... definitely not cancer...
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Thanks for your hopes, vibes and prayers!
I just wanted to add that I am taking Pollýanna to the vet tomorrow, and she is going to evaluate if she could go through an operation. If so, Pollýanna will get spayed, in hope for her to feel better without the normal hormonal flow, but the vet sais she is defenately not fit for an operation to remove the cycts at this time, since they are far big. The larger are the size of plums (4 of them) and then there are several smaller by the size of small to big grapes. The four big ones are all on her upper chest, so now she looks like a lion with a huge chest like that.

I am so worried about what the vet is gonna say tomorrow, please send us some "heathy vibes" tomorrow!
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So sorry to hear this.
Me and the girls are sending you heathly vibes. (((HUGS)))
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Oh that is awful Me and all of my babies are sending healing vibes for Pollyanna. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of you too and try not to make yourself sick with worry.I know it is hard though.

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Sesselja, I'm sending all of the healthy energy I possibly can to Pollyanna, and peaceful energy to you. ((((HUGS))))
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Oh dear, here's tons of 'healing' vibes to Pollyana!
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I'm so sorry to hear that
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Oh no! Big (((HUGS))) for you and Pollyana!
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I am so sorry! I am sending get well and be healthy vibes!
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oh no - big hugs and healthy vibes from all of us
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Oh, you poor thing, what you must be going through, not to mention your baby!.

I'm praying for her.
Keep us updated.

Hug from myself and a headbutt from Rosie.
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Oh no!! I hope pollyanna is okay, I will keep her and you in my thoughts.
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Sesselja - I'm so hoping that Pollyanna is OK. Please let us know as you as you've spoken to the vet <lots of love and hugs for your kitty>
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OMG! I hope Pollyanna is OK! Sending super positive vibes your way!!!
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I hope all is well!!!!!!!!!

Not to but in on your story,But last month Prudence went to see the vet because she was losing weight, they said we should do the entire line up of tests. He thought she REALLY,REALLY was ill.$$$$$$$$$. I waited to get some of the test results and in about 15mins one of the techs come out and says .....I'm sorry but she tested + for lukeimia(sp?). We freaked!!!!!!!!
Then 2 days later the vet himself calls to give us 'the good news' Prudence was fine. It was such a terrible sitution to happen, that did have a happy ending, I'm sure you and your Pollyanna will love and cherish each other no matter the result.
Love and hugs and kisses and hope.
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I'm really sorry to hear about this, and am keeping my fingers crossed for Pollyanna.
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Any news yet?
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Thank you SO MUCH for all your support, that really means a lot!

I have no new news today, as I chickened out going to the vet today I didnt want to hear what he might say, so I phoned and said I´d come in tomorrow... I´ve even booked an appointment so I´ll have to be there at certain time. Today I didnt have an appointment, the wet had said I was welcome anytime. She had also offered me to make an appointment early in the morning and if she thought Pollýanna would be able to have an op, I would lieve her there and the op would be that same day. But I think that is to scary, to go for checkup, not knowing if I will have to leave her there for an op or not, so I´ll take her in tomorrow, and then she might have the op next monday. I wouldn´t get appointment for the op untill monday anyway, but I want her checked ASAP.

I´ll let you know as soon as I get home tomorrow.
Thank you again for all your vibes and prayers!
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Keeping you in my thoughts Sesselja! I hope you'll hear some good news from the vet. Even if it is cancer, there are effective treatments today for many types of cancer.
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I did go to the vet today!

The one that has been handling Pollýanna was ill, so I could see another or come in tomorrow, but I thougth I´d see another, since they are all brilliant there, and that would give me a second opinion.

She thought the cycts were rather fluid filled that tumours
Pollýanna is booked for an operation on monday, either to do something for the cycts or spay her, and then they would take the uterus and ovaried, the whole thing, not just the ovaries, as is usually done. But the spaying would be possible, since there are not cycts in the line where the cut would be.

Thank you soooooo very much for all you kind words, they have meant so much for me!!! It´s so good to know people that can understand how really worried one can be about their cat, usually I get: ohh, poor thing....but I see in their face: hmmmm, you know, its just a pet....
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Sending more positive vibes that it is fluid and not tumors. Sending even more positives vibes for monday! (((HUGS)))
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Originally posted by Pollyanna
It´s so good to know people that can understand how really worried one can be about their cat, usually I get: ohh, poor thing....but I see in their face: hmmmm, you know, its just a pet....

We here understand, they're not "just a pet". They're part of our families. I call my cats "my kids". If people don't like that or think it's odd, too bad!

Sending wishes that it is just fluid and easily removed!
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Sending lots of vibes out to Pollyanne that she's okay and big hugs for you at this time Sesselja! BTW how do you prounuce(sp?) your name?
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[quote]Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
[b]We here understand, they're not "just a pet". They're part of our families. I call my cats "my kids". If people don't like that or think it's odd, too bad!

You've got that right! We've got three kids - they are black with four legs and tail! That's my answer when people ask if we have kids. (that don't know us of well of course) Get some strange looks!
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