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NASCAR to change point system again!

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Sign this petition if you're against NASCAR rules changes which make the last ten races of nascar a "playoff" like in football.


In a nutshell, here's the deal: After the first 26 races, drivers in the top 10 and any others within 400 points of the leader will be in the Chase for the Championship. Those drivers will have their point totals adjusted so that the first-place driver will begin the final 10 races with 5,050 points, the second driver 5,045 and on down the line, with incremental drops of five points.

NASCAR dropped the lug wrench two weeks ago when it announced there would be a major change in the points race. Of course, if it doesn't work, "we can always tweak it," they maintain. And that's the rub: NASCAR does too much tweaking of the rules. A spoiler height here. A front air dam there. Why doesn't NASCAR drive by a set of rules from can 'til can't?

NASCAR is racing -- not wrestling, the NFL or major league baseball -- and racing is about getting to the checkered flag before the next guy. So instead of "tweaking" the points system, Brian Freedom Fries concocted something so bizarre that 72 percent of the season is cast aside so that an arbitrary number of drivers can go fast and turn left in 10 races at tracks that average 1.365 miles.

NASCAR could have, even should have, stopped when it said one of the factors in the late-season change was because so many TV viewers go the way of college and pro football. That said it all: NASCAR wants those eyeballs because it means more money -- for both its coffers and advertisers'. But NASCAR is never going to pull Sunday viewers away from the NFL.

If NASCAR wants to bring more fans to the tube, it should look more toward reducing the size of the race field (35 cars -- with no provisionals), shortening the season (February through November seems about a week shorter than the NBA playoffs), awarding a bonus for taking the pole, granting more points to the race winner (which it did, adding five points) and fewer points for back-of-the-pack finishers (which is side-stepped by implementing a minimum speed limit for patched-up cars).
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Auto racing doesn't do a thing for me but, Bill is an old race driver, from way back. I printed this out and showed it to him and he hit the roof. He told me to sign the petition for him and I did.
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I signed as well. NASCAR is trying to keep up with the "Fastest Growing Sport" title. They may get some new fans with this (though I doubt it), but they will definitely be losing some long time fans who have supported the sport with dollars for many years.

The "sport" is so focused on being entertainment and a good family thing to do, the drivers cannot be themselves, the racing has suffered in order to make everything "fair", and now this playoff system because one driver dominating throughout the season through hard work and consistency simply isn't going to make enough money for Bill France and the people who run NASCAR.
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I have mixed emotions about this. First of all, I don't understand all the specifics about the new rules. The old point system needed some tweeking done to it, but I don't think this is the solution. With the old point system, it was easy for a "second place" racer to win the championship. Look at Matt Kenseth...he only won one race last year, but consistently stayed in the top 5 & 10 every week (except for a couple rare weeks). The take a look at Ryan Newman who won so many I lost count (was it 10 or 11?), but had a few DNF's at the beginning of the season that killed his points for the year. Who should have been the Champion? Ryan Newman (no, I'm not a fan of his...quite the opposite actually) because he won the most races. I think they need to give the winners more points than the others (IMO, 5 extra points is not enough) & do not give any points to those who finish out of the top 20. I do not like the playoff idea. It almost makes the other drivers that could possibly move up to the top runners, end their season early & won't that take AWAY the fans? Not everyone is a Dale Jr (even though I am!) fan or a Tony Stewart or a Jeff Gordon fan. There are so many other drivers out there that may not be the best driver on the track, but they still have a strong fan base. I feel by doing the playoff, it will encourage the fans of the not so popular drivers to turn off the race or to not see the race in person.

Just my 2 cents on this....and now I'm off to sign the petition since after writing this I found that I'm against this change.
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I signed and I am really not happy with this change, it is typical NASCAR BS! I guess being a NASCAR fan we go with whatever is decided. Sure I think it will make for an exciting last 10 races but I think the Champion in the end may not have deserved it. We usually go to the Vegas race in March, and that is the only one we don't watch on TV. I think this might bring new fans, I really doubt many current and longtime fans will be lost. NASCAR has been changing things forever.
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