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Kitten at the vets tonight.

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I had to take my new baby to the vets today. SHe hasn't been eating or drinking, and then she started having diarhea. The vets are keeping her over night because she was starting to get pretty dehydrated, and they wanted to run some tests. I am so worried and afraid that something is really wrong. I had a kitten once with Feline leukemia and just go downhill so fast. My biggest fear is calling the vets tomorrow morning to have them tell me they'll have to put her down. I have been trying to keep from crying all night. She's become my little angel and I was practically in tears having to leave her there today. When I first started taking pictures of her I was afraid I had taken too many, now I'm afraid I didn't take enough. I just had to let that out. Thanks for listening.
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kezzer! You and your furbaby are in my prayers. I hope that everything is ok.. and will keep my fingers crossed. Losing one of your babies can be the hardest thing in the world and I will pray that you will not have to go through it any time soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Hello kezzer,
I hope everything turns out well for your kitty...
I see you and I are from CT and after going through this HEAT WAVE it could make any one sick including our animals....
Your in my prayers...
Nomar's mommy
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Sorry to hear your little kitty isn't feeling well. I hope the news from the vet is good news!!
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I am so sorry to hear about your kitten , I am sure your vet will do all they can to help kitten,Iwill be thinking of you both.

Jenna and Felix
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Well, good news, The Vets called this morning, I'm just getting ready to leave to go get her. They have her on special food, and medicine and she's eating now. I still don't know what was wrong, but hopefully I'll be able to find out. Thank-you everyone for your thoughts and prayers, I'm sure they helped. I could barely sleep last night, I was so afraid of something bad happening to her. They did tell me over the phone that they thought she had been too young to be weaned. I had thought that too, but she was doing really well eating on her own that I thought she'd be fine. Well, we live and learn, and if I come across a little kitten again, I'll know to get some kitten formula for awhile. Thanks again everyone.
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Kezzer....that is really great news about your baby!
I do hope that she continues to improve!
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I am so happy to hear the good news
about your kitten

What's the kitten's name?

I also want to tell you. I visited your homepage...
pretty pets you have!!!

Nomar's mommy
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Keezer; I am glad you got your baby to the vet. What Loretta said about the heat's effect on our pets is very true; especially for young or elderly pets! I hope she continues to improve. Please, keep us posted. We are all concerned when a fellow member is hurting. . . . .
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I am so glad everything is ok! I'd like to know her name too..

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So glad to hear that your little furbaby is going to be OK.
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oH, I am so pleased about your kitten.

You must feel really happy:laughing2 :baloon: :laughing:

love from Jenna and Felix
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Thanks everyone. Her name is River. HUbby found her while he was working on North River St, so we felt it was an appropriate name for her. She's doing well at home. I can tell she missed us, she's been following us around since we got her home. I guess there's no specific reason for why she got sick. They have her on Amoxil and stuff for the diahrea so she should start getting better. She's already starting to get back to her fresh little self, swatting at us and playing.
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I'm so relieved to hear this wonderful news! Please keep us posted on your little baby.. and maybe some pictures too? Once again I'm sooo happy to hear that your baby is doing fine. to ya both.
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Oh Kezzer!!:angel2:

My heart was in my throat when I first started reading this Thread and I was in tears for you when you announced her condition! Thank God!!!! I am so happy we have so many nice members to take the time and say a prayer for your baby!

Good Luck with your sweetie and please post some pics!

Love &,

You're in my prayers! Here's a little Guardian Angel for your kitty
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Hooray! I'm so happy to know little River will be all right!

I'm sure both of you are quite relieved! Please keep us posted on River's progress.


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You guys are all so great. I'm going to put a picture of her up, I finally got them back today. You can see some more here also: http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/changethe...t+2001&.view=t
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River is adorable! I love those photographs, especially the one with her and Ash. Now, just who is Ash?

You can just shoot me, but I had to rip off and post this image of River.

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Ash is my son. Soon to be oldest son!
Now can't you just see by her face how she melted my heart so easily! When hubby first brought her home, all I could think was we don't need another cat, I was wrong! She has wiggled her way into our hearts and then some!
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A panel of experts at a leading university has determined River to have a Heartmelt Factor of 10, which is the highest rating.

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River is sooooo adorable!!
I just love the pictures of her!
My fav is her in the basket....
I could tell she is loved and it is wonderful that your husband took her home!!!

Nomar's mommy
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Dear Kezzer :angel2:

Your little River is SOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE AND PRECIOUS!!! Thanks for posting that Joe, my gosh what a little sweetie is right!

I totally agree Loretta :laughing2 More kittiiiiiiiiiies! :laughing:
Thought you might like another, I hope you didn't mind that I post this pic up here, the baby reminded me of her.

Love &,
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Kezzer; I love River! I love her name. . . . . You see, I have a 13 yr. old momma torbie named Muddy Rivers. (because she is the color of the "Muddy Mississippi") I agree with everyone who mentioned what a Heart Melter she is. . . . . I have a special place in my heart for Orange Tabbies! Just ask Michaela Kristin Haran!
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I gotta ask, why is that other one called Snakefood? (not sure I want to know . . .)
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HAHAHAHA! I know, I was going to ask the same question! But, ummmmm,....my sentiments exactly, I'm sure it's just a great family joke! Your Akira is also a very pretty kitty too...they all are!

Love &
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I've got another question, about the what different cat's colors are called.

I had a 3-color cat and we called it calico - black / brown / white or I guess blue / red / white. If there had been no white, she would have been a tortoiseshell or tortie. Plus I know there is variation in depth of color, some cats are just paler almost dusty looking and others are very deeply colored.

Now, is a torbie the same as a tortie? I think tortie-and-white in the UK is the same as calico. I know we don't all live in the US and sometimes we use different words for the same thing.
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River is adorable! Like TLK, I also have a special place in my heart for orange tabbies. Dusty was his name and we had him for 17 years. He looked a lot your River does when he was a baby except he had long hair. Too cute!!
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About Snakefood... I'll try to make a long story short. After The blizzard we had in March, an animal shelter near a friends job flooded and any animal that did not get adopted would be put down. So this friend had gone there saw her and said she loved her mnarkings etc. But what I think was that the cat's name was Sarah, which is her daughters name. So she brought her to us. Well, I didn't think Sarah fit this cat, plus knowing plenty of human Sarah's I just couldn't have a cat named that. Thus the search for the perfect name began. I looked in baby name books and on kitty name sites online and found nothing. So one day in June, hubby and I are sitting outside and I'm still trying to come up with names. The only thing close to suitable I could finally come up with was Patches. Hubby said, no, Snakefood, cuz she's trying to be Snakefood. ( A few nights before she had gotten into the room where we keep our snakes and had agrevated a few of them through their cages.) Well, we decided to each call her with the names we chose and well, she ran to hubby, jumped on his lap and started purring like mad, so the name stuck!
sunlion: I'm stumped as to what that coloring would be called too, she's only gray and brown, so is that a tortiose shell or calico? And what is a torbie?
And does anyone know< is it true that female orange tigers are rare? I had been told that years ago, and every orange tiger I've ever met has been male, until River that is. Is it true they are rare or is it just a myth?
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Dear Kezzer:angel2:

Great story It's amazing how our pets get their names and it usually is the best choice

I have a orange tabby male. I too have also heard that finding an orange tabby female was a rare find indeed. To be honest, I don't know that I've come across one. I've seen orange female cats, but not as tabby's. Perhaps it's all a coincidence; however, it is pretty wierd. :confused3:

In either case, it's all irrelevent, as they are all so adorable, male or female...I'm sure you agree!

Love, Peace &
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Awwww! What a sweet picture!
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