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Mustache Cats

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Do you have a cat with a mustache?

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Oh how cute! And in the turkey pose too!
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I love it!!! Bently looks like such a gentleman with his mustache.
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Cute! :
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I just love that white mustache.
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Ophelia doesn't have a mustache, but some would say she has a goatee.

(Don't tell her that, though. It's actually a heart under her chin, and she's our little piggy so it fits that her heart is in her mouth! LOL)

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those are so cute..... pretty cats too!!!
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Aw Bentley has a cute lil mustache and Ophelia has a cute lil goatee!

Here's my Holly.. Yes she's a girl !

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Hallie has a mustache.

And Peaches does too! Hers is thicker on one side then the other!
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I think this is a little better one of the Princess' Mustache!
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they are all to cute

I found a pic of Lily
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Lily again
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OMG! Haha Lilys little moustache is adorable!
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Here's a pic of a feral kitten I rescued last summer- she was from one of Callie's (feral cat who lives on my porch) litters before I got Callie fixed. Named her Willow. CUTE mustache huh?
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Wow, he's a very pretty kitty!!
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OMG Willow could be Lily's sister , what a cutie .
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awww so cute!
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Yeah, she's a REAL CUTIE...

UNFORTUNATELY, she's still very very feral. I fostered her and her sister (who I also trapped) for about 3 weeks in the summer before giving her to another lady to foster until homes could be found for them. I just spoke with the lady about 3 weeks ago and asked if she had any luck finding homes for Willow and Anya (sister) and was told that they do not do good at cat adoption shows and are still very very distrustful of humans..

The rescue agency she works with decided that these kittens/cats would be happier as barn cats so they will find a home for them in the springtime where they can live in barns and be able to roam free..

They will not put them in barns right now because it's too cold and they have not gotten their winter coats since they have been living inside..
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They all so cute! None of mine have the sightest hint of a moustache or a goatee.
Good luck on the the Willow and Anya front Pamela - I'm sure barn homes will be best for them.
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Oh no , poor Willow . My Lily was a stray dumpling at my friend beauty salon and I endet up keeping her . I really would love for Willow and her sister to find a insite home , the poor baby's .
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Me too.. However, Paula, who is fostering these sisters says they are NOT happy inside and still wont go near Paula.. It has been almost a year. We have to think about where the cats will be happier and it seems they prefer to be outside. The important thing is that the people who will be adopting them WILL be feeding them, providing a warm shelter (barn), etc while the cats still can get to roam...

I should've trapped them much earlier then I think it would've been a lot easier for Paula to tame them.. Paula have been fostering tame/feral cats for many many years and have a lot of experiences with cats so I trust her judgement in this and if she feels they will be happier in barns, then they will be. Her first preference is inside homes of course but it depends on the cat(s)..
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