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felix the bully

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I belong to another cat site and one of the members is having a problems with her Felix. A little background info. It's a 4 cat house hold Casper and Kittie are the adults (around 3 yrs old) and Tessa and Felix are the teenagers (8 months old).

and I quote:

"Felix is just pure mean, he bites Tessa's legs ALL the time, he can't play normally with her anymore, it's just biting. Tessa doesn't like it at all and is hissing and trying to run away. When playing with Casper and Kitty, he is trying the same, but at least they won't allow it, Casper beats him and so does Kitty, which I'm glad of. But poor Tessa, I'm afraid this might have some mental affect on her, because it's constant. I tell Felix always not to do it when I catch him biting, but he just doesn't learn, no matter what, he doesn't learn. I hate this, because Tessa isn't so lively anymore as she used to be (I know the spaying has it's share too) and she doesn't seem to want to play with Felix anymore.

Also Felix's attitude that he can do anything he pleases, worries me, because he just doesn't care."

They have tried "time out" but..... " it's hard to know that he's going to get Tessa, because he might just jump onto a toy, shadow etc. and I don't feel like 'punishing' him for that. He shakes his butt before he attacks, by the way . Taking him into a time out is another thing then, I would need to catch him first that little dude is so fast, I don't get him and he just gets excited if I walk towards him and starts jumping around.

For the past few hours I've been his shadow, if he goes close to Tessa, I'm there as well. I'm not saying anything, just being there. Seems to help, he hasn't touched Tessa at all. I'm going to try this now for a while and see if it works. Of course they can play together but if he bites, I'm there. I hope this shadow thing works then. I've got my eye on him.

I don't know what to do with our little Dennis the Mennace ."

Any other ideas on how to get this rascal under control that I can pass on?????
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I assume Felix is neutered. If not, he needs to be neutered right away.

I have a little bully as well. I use a two-pronged approach to the problem. (1) I try to stop the attacks by doing time out, distraction, and simply giving a warning in a stern voice. (2) Importantly, I work with the "victim" by reinforcing whenever she comes in the room with the bully, whenever she stands up to the bully, and any brave behavior she exhibits at all. By helping the victim to be braver, it naturally cuts down on the bully's aggression.
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Yup - Felix is an it! Thanks I will pass it along.
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