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I was going to take a shower yesterday when I noticed 2 long scratches on my chest. I was at work all day, and I don't recall ever getting hurt. I showed them to my gf, and suggested that it looks just like a cat scratch.

As many of you know, Mentos passed away more than a month ago, so it was kind of weird.

I'm sure I ran into something or got hurt elsewhere, but it was just a delightful reminder But what if it was???

I've still got many-a-scars on my thighs from him suddenly jumping off my lap
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That's a strange injury to get and not know about it! I like the idea that Mentos gave you a little scratch hello from somewhere in the beyond.
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Spooky!!! Maybe Mentos is saying hello in his own special way, as only cats know how!?
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Ow! That sure sounds like your kitty came back to say HI!

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sure sounds like mentos coming to say hey, i'm fine over there....
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oooo spooky or what!
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I hope it was Mentos, it would be so comforting for you.

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