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Prayers needed for a friend!

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A friend of mine had ber house burn to the ground on the weekend. She has lost everything (she did have insurance). She and her family are ok, but have just the clothes on their backs. Her dog is safe and 4 out of 5 cats are accounted for. This is a devestating loss - they built their own home. Please pray for safety and a quick insurance resolution. Hopefully the 5th cat will be ok!
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Oh, no, that's horrible. They'll be in my thoughts.
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Prays being said.
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that's terrible! I hope they are ok, sending find the cat and quick insurance vibes.
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I dearly hope that everything is sorted out quickly. At least they are safe and hopefully they can start rebuilding their lives as soon as possible.
Send my best wishes please.
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I can't imagine how devastated she must be. Positive thoughts going out!
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Oh my. Fire is such a scary thing. I remember the pictures Leslie was posting when the fires were raging around Canberra . . .

I hope your friend can rebuild her house and her life quickly, and the pain of losing many personal possessions is not too painful to bear.

I also do so hope that kitty number 5 is just hiding somewhere too scared to come out . . . Ady - please let us know?
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OMG Ady! Thoughts and vibes and prayers going her way, That's so upsetting! I sure hope her and her family and the 5th kitty is alright! In my thoughts.. Please keep us posted!
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I am so sorry to hear about that! I hate fires....I hope the 5th kitty is ok and that they have no insurance problems and will all be ok. (((((Prayers and Vibes)))))
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hoping that they would get their lives on track again..
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Thanks guys - if I find out anything about the kitty I will let you know!
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Oh wow that is terrible. also sending quick insurance vibes! Hope the 5th kitty turns up safe and sound
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Thats so sad.
Praying that the insurance pays up soon.

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