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My cat just gave birth

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My cat just gave birth and im not sure what kinda thing i should do for the cat and its kittens. They are in a safe and warm place but other than that im not sure what i should do. Any information will be helpful. =)
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It depends on what you mean by a safe warm place, and if this cat is outside, either in a barn, shed or? If at all possible please bring her and the kittens indoors. You need a large cardboard box with sides high enough that mom can jump out, but the kittens won't fall out. Soft bedding, and a quiet room is best, you want to keep all other animals and people away from her as she acclimates to the family. Watch them closely and make sure all the kittens are on a nipple and one is not being pushed aside. Watch her closely, and 24 hours after the kittens are born, take the whole family to the vet for a check-up.

Also please, once these babies are weaned down the road please get your mom cat spayed.

If she is outside, even in a building, you run the risk of a Tom finding them and killing her babies to bring her back into heat so he can mate with her again. Trust me, you don't want that, so you need to bring her inside if she isn't already.
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Just make sure mom has fresh water and food a
little later.If you can start handling as soon as possible
the sooner you can the more people kitties they will be.
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Yes the whole family is in my house, and i have a box for it where they can stay. I was also wondering if there was anything i would need to do for the kittens or will the mom cat take care of teh kittens until they are able to live on their own?
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Well you need to watch the mom closely and as stated above, get the whole family to the vet so the vet can check them all out, making sure mom is okay. Feed good nutritious food to mom in small amounts about 5 times a day, keep the litter pan in the room for her, but not close to her food. Changeout the soiled bedding, if you haven't already and just keep the family warm. For the most part, she will feed and take care of the kittens (if she is doing so already) so you just need to make sure she is in good health and didn't retain a kitten. That's why the vet visit. Don't handle the kittens much right now, and if you see a kitten that is not nursing or getting pushed away than you will need to supplement the baby with bottle feedings, every hour for awhile so it will grow up strong. You would need to feed kitten milk replacer and you can get it in powder form at any grocery store or pet store. Just follow the directions on the package. Make sure, if you have to bottle feed, that you do it near momcat and you pierce the tip of the bottle with a sterilized sewing needle. The bottles don't come with holes in them.
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thanks alot for the info =^_^= , she gave birth to 1 kitten so far but its been 2 hours and she hasnt given birth to any more. Im concerned maybe something is wrong or is it possible that she only has 1 kitten to give birth to. The family to the vet asap tho.
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How old is she?

The kittens should be coming every 10-60 minutes in intervals, but if it is to long, then there is risk to the mom that she could have a large kitten that won't pass easily through her canal, or that the kitten is not able to help pass through her canal. Is mom still having contractions?
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Two more kittens came, and i think the cat is fine, thx for the info.
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