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A Mother's Prayer

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A Mother's Prayer

A mother knelt upon her knees
There next to her son's bed.
She clasped her small, delicate hands together.
Then, raising her head, her eyes filled
With tears that stained her cheeks,
She began to pray this prayer:

"I pray to Thee my Lord.
See my son, Lord?
He has been taken
Oh, so far away from our home.
He's gone to give his life
For his America.
He's fighting for freedom and peace,
This son of mine, whom once I cradled
As a small baby next to my heart --
This little boy of mine,
Who has grown now into a man.

"The day he left I saw my boy
Standing oh, so tall and strong --
No fear did I see in his eyes
As he whispered his goodbyes.
'Don't cry mama, I will be home soon,'
He said, holding me silently in his arms.
We both knew this was perhaps for the last time.
Please, Lord hear this mother's heart,
Pleading, begging You.

"Dear God, hold him in the palm of Your hand
Until he's home safely once again.
He's so brave Lord,
I am oh, so proud of my son.
But you see,
I'm missing him so much now.
I am frightened of losing him forever.
Yet, in my heart I know
What he's doing is right.
For it's our America, our beliefs in freedom
That he's gone to fight for.

Alongside all our American mothers,
Sons, daughters and fathers,
We are giving them freely, Lord,
From the deepest part of our hearts,
As we are holding tight to that American Dream
That our country and all countries
Be free of terrorism, oppressions and wars,
So that one day we may all live in peace."

"Yes Lord," she prayed.
"I understand.
I know why my son had to go
Please, for me, Lord,
Touch his heart
With the warmth of my love this night.
Let him know
His mother's holding him close
In her thoughts and in her prayers
And as he sleeps tonight,
Let my mother's love fill his dreams.
Tell him I'm keeping him safe
In that special place
That all mother's keep their children
In the deepest core of our hearts.
Give me a sign, Lord,
That he's alive and that he's ok
For this is all I ask, Dear God,
That you have heard
This mother's prayer.

She rose from her knees,
Walked to her bedroom window.
She looked up at the silent, star-filled night.
"My son, my son, I love you," she wept.
Then suddenly, a soft breeze
Flowed gently through her window
Touching her face and drying her tears.
She heard an angelic voice softly whisper,

"Look there, above -- do you not see?"
As she raised her eyes
A falling star was
Streaming across the blacked night's sky.
She felt a sudden loving warmth
That filled her very soul.
And she knew then
God was holding him safely
In the palm of His hand.

She whispered, "Thank You."
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Oh, that was so lovely, but sad!. Thank you for sharing it.

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I loved it! the first time i read it i had tears
in my eyes
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that was so beautiful..
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