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Opie just turned five years old and he has (for him) been acting strangely: I've caught him playing with cat toys, he's been initiating playtime with Rowdy and, occasionally, Buddy. Opie has been much more sociable, too. He's been climbing onto my lap, at odd times and, when I'm dishing up cat food, he jumps onto the counter and licks the cans. Last night, I had to remove him from the counter, as I was making dinner. He was VERY interested in the turkey breast that I was slicing. He is also more talkative, lately.

Opie has always been very dignified and aloof, with specified times, that he wants to be petted and he's NEVER played with any kind of a toy. He has always waited until the other two were finished, to visit the food bowl. What's next - playing with the dogs?

He and Buddy have also worked out a bedtime protocol: Opie gets the space between my shoulder and hip and Buddy gets hip-to-ankle. I guess that they got tired of being unceremoniously dumped onto the floor, when the hissing and growling started.

Bill says that Opie is going through his second child(kitten)hood. At 5, Opie is hardly a candidate for senility. As long as he's healthy and happy, I'm not really concerned - I just think that its amusing.