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Save the environment

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I just found out about a website where you can send emails to Congress people and others regarding the protection of the environment. If enough people show their concern, maybe we can stop the plans to drill in the Arctic wildlife refuge and other pristine areas.

How can our politicians be so blind? These areas will never be the same if this happens. There should be some wild places left. This planet would be unbearable without all of its creatures. I don't see why we're not looking for alternative fuel sources, instead further destroying ecosystems everywhere.

Here's the site, you just have to sign up with your name, email and address: www.savebiogems.org
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Thanks Bren.1 I'll shoot on over and sign up.

Love &,
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Thank you very much for your web-site reference! I've now joined in the effort to protect our "bio-gems." My area of interest is the Everglades, so I've sent the suggested letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (with a personalized introductory paragraph).

As a young person, growing up in south Florida (Miami) during the 1950s and 1960s, I spent many hours in and near the Everglades — camping with the Boy Scouts of America, Exploring and the Order of the Arrow. Visits to Everglades National Park were wonderful; and I'd love to return to the Everglades some day!

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