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This is so frustrating!

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As all of you know my contract with the company is finishing soon and my last day is on the 13th of Feb. As my team is dealing with confidential data, the three of us are let in a meeting room by ourselves while the rest of the department is in the main office separated by partitions.Now the office manager has just came in to tell me that we are required to be shifted out of the room and into the cubicles.. This is already the 4th time during 6 months! This is so frustrating! So we are already finishing the contract, is it that difficult to let us finish our contract and then occupy the room??? i think it is damn ridiculous with the amount of stuff we have and all the data, you are asking us to shift again and again... boy, the day I leave, i'm gonna write a formal letter to my CEO who happens to be in the next room and tell every single thing that is happening so he knows what is happening outside his room!
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Sounds like they're trying to get you frusterated so you'll quite and they won't have to fire anyone.

The same thing happens at my work. The management tells people they're going to have to start lay-offs and within a month 30% have submitted an early retirement request or quit notice. Takes care of them having to do it.

Perhaps it's not true, but it dumb all the same. I really hope you end up writing that letter. How come you can't do it now? Will you get fired? What's the worst that could happen? lol.
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I am so sorry you are going through this. Having to pick up and move all your work is a big, fat pain in the butt! I used to work for a store that had a habit of having us do large, decorative displays, then come along and say "that looks great, now move it over there." It was a great store to work in, but that was a huge downside.
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