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Eating With Fingers

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Our silly boy has started to dip his foot in his dish and scoop up his food to eat. He is making quite a mess in doing so, but I don't know what to do to stop him. This is wet food, by the way. He'll shake off his paw when he has eaten part of it and there are specks of food on the wall around his dish. It looks pretty funny, though. My guess is that the last half of the food gets stuck to the bottom of the dish and he's in too much of a hurry to just lick it, so he scoops some out with his paw.
Anyone else with this?
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Had me confused for a brief second, thought you were having problems eating food with your fingers, or your cat was taking food from your fingers with his paws.

Actually I have several cats that eat with their paws, and one that dunks his kibble in the water bowl then looks really surprised when it dissolves! LOL I never worried about it, though it gets messy when they are eating canned food.
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Sorry to confuse you! He just reminds me of a little kid eating with his/her fingers and making a mess. He just recently started doing it. I just hope our other one doesn't follow his example.
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Aww thats cute!.

Rosie just has dry kibbles, but drops them in to her water bowl sometimes!.

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Bogart has always done this. Yup, it's messy when it's wet, but that's what rags are for! LOL
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