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Cat's "aaahhh" spot

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This is probably going to sound strange, but I'm going to ask anyway. You probably won't get through reading this without laughing. Why do cats act so strange when you scratch the spot at the base of their tail? When I scratch my cats in that spot, their whole back end comes popping up in the air and their eyes start going shut and their head turns up and to the side and I swear it looks like they are smiling! It looks like they are thinking "oh yeah! That's the spot." It must feel very, very good! But why do they respond that way?
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I have no clue why , but all mine do that too .
I guess it is like us humans , we have our very sensitive spots what make us feel good and that may be their sesitive spot .
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Ah, yes, THAT spot! They all seem to do it.

A funny thing, though, when Nibs first came to us (he was about 6 years old) we made a strange discovery. I'm not sure how it happened at first, but Rob tapped him on that spot -- not heavily, but a tapping, rather than a rubbing. Nibs began to lick his chest furiously. We gasped and started laughing. Rob stopped tapping, Nibs stopped licking; Rob started tapping, Nibs starting licking. It was bizarre! We did it several times after that with the same effect, except that we noticed that Nibs began to try to control the licking, and eventually -- it didn't take long -- he broke himself of the reflex. Bizarre!
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I itch that spot on Rosie also, but she will only take it for so long, then turns around and smacks me with her paw as if to say, " STOP, i've had enough now!".

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Ive always thought it is something to do with - what you could call 'reproductive urges' Maybe it is the way they lift their bums up that makes me think that!
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Ive always thought it is something to do with - what you could call 'reproductive urges'
That is what it is. Its an erotic area. And your cat will smack you when she's had enough cause its enough stimulation for her. (At least, thats the way my vet explained it to me. )
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hey georgiagirl
when my son scratches his cats spot right above the base of the tail where you are talking about, his cat just keeps sticking her tongue in and out. and jerks her head sideways too. its funny .
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Speaking of spots that when touched makes them do something..sometimes mine fold s herself into a ball when her tummy's rubbed..like a equidna!
Not always but many times she has done it..the first time I was rubbing her tummy, not looking at her and suddenly my hand felt like in a fur glove, I pulled it out and she strechted out, rubbed it again and again she tucked herself in!! It was so funny! My husband said I must have touched the "fold" button..she doesn't do it always when having a tummy rub..just wondered why..she doen't seem bothered, just keep on purring and looking placid.
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LOL Zoey LOVES to be scratched there and even spanked she gets all crazy and flops over onto her side and meows.. then she gets right back up again for more

Saki just looks at me like he's trying to figure out what the heck I'm doin to him Maybe he's still too young to appreciate it.
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our vet said that "spanking" a cat there simulates the feeling of being mounted by a male, even cats who are "virgins" will be excited by this!
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I had a cat who, for a while, acted weird when you scratched the base of his tail, and yes; he was overweight.

This went on for a few months and we thought it was just some funny thing he did. Lucky started dragging his butt across the floor and was beginning to get lethargic. We took him to the vet and found out that he had severely impacted anal sacs.

Had we waited any longer, poor Lucky would have had to have surgery to remove the anal sacs.

Please don't take this behavior lightly and have the vet examine him or her. Catching it in time can save your cat a great deal of discomfort and save you $$$$$.
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I knew about "tailgaiting" but never heard about a cat acting like that after having the base of his tail scratched..I suppose the area would be sensitive in other way because of the impacted anal sacs.. I'll remember that..thanks for telling us
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both my cats like it too, sometimes. Neither of them likes it done for too long. Buffy likes it for a maximum of 5 seconds, and then will sit and smack my hand, maybe even bite it, her eyes changing from their yellow color to a deep orange.

Willow is the same way, except she'll last 10 seconds. If you pause after 10 seconds (if she hasn't smacked you yet) and resume a few seconds after that, you can get a whole minute of scratching for Willow, lol! But she prefers back scratches instead (from the neck down to the tail, back upwards to the neck, and back down)
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If I even get close to that spot while petting Sam his butt shoots into the air, even when hes asleep. Its funny but he only takes a few pets and he will smack or bite and hiss to tell me to back off. Sally will roll around and stretch and purr but she also smacks and looks all insulted after a few minutes of it.
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I guess we all have that certain spot
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