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New Forum Opening soon

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We are proud to announce that we have secured another guest host for a special forum: Bottle Babies, a forum that will deal with the questions raised when you are faced with an orphaned kitten or litter, will be opening next week on Monday the 26th and will stay open until February 9th. Hosted by Dusty Rainbolt, kitten rescuer and author of Kittens for Dummies. This forum will be an invaluable tool down the road when Kitten Season starts and people are faced with what to do with kittens they have found, or that have been given to them.

If you would be interested in this forum, would you let me know by posting here, if there is enough interest, then we will go forward with it, if not, we will find something else cat-related to pursue instead.
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Wow, that would be great! It gets my vote, MA.
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thanks- bumping this
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This would be great
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That sounds very interesting to me . I think that would be great for every one to learn a little more . Also for the members who rescue a lot of cats/kittens it may be very helpful . And for the people who never had a orphaned kitten it would help too , in case they ever would find one baby kitten on their door steps .In these days you never know .
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Sounds great! I hope you guys go along with it.
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I would be interested Hissy, I hope it is a go.
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This sounds like a great idea since there are always so many questions concerning raising a baby kitten.

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While I'm not in a position to do regular rescue work, you never know when a kitty-in-need is going to drop into your lap -- even if only for a couple of days while you look for someone better equipped for the task. I'd be interested in the subject.
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I recall several threads where people have wondered about that. I myself have too...If I ever found a little kitten It would be good to know how to take care of it.
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sounds like a good idea, as everyone else has said you never know when you're gonna need some help.
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I think it would be a great topic to learn more about. I hope it goes through!
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I've hand raised 2 orphaned litters successfully, and assume those won't be my last. I'm not sure what questions I would ask, but would be interested in any and all information that would be shared.
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I think that would be great! I hope to never have to do it again, but as previously stated, you never know.
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It doesn't matter that I have been rescuing orphans for as long as I have, I have had the pleasure of getting to know this wonderful gal Dusty and her extraordinary work that she does rescuing kittens that are usually very health compromised. I know that I can always learn from anyone who rescues successfully and I am thrilled she is going to take a part in this next week! I know I will learn a lot. The forum is a GO and it can be found under the SOS Forum and will be called Bottle Babies.

Like our other two forums Golden Moments and Feline Genetics, Bottle Babies will run for two weeks. You leave your posts there and when she can, Dusty will visit and answer your questions.

At the end of the forum there will be a multiple choice quiz about the information, and the people who take the quiz and answer the questions, will win a chance in a prize draw. There will be one winner drawn and the winner will receive a copy of Dusty's latest book Kittens for Dummies-
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great I cant wait till it starts
Oh how I would love to win that book
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Glad to hear it is a go, I can't think of any questions I would ask but I'd sure love to read what other people ask. Can't wait.
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sounds great! Espeically with kitten season coming up!
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I wouldn't be very interested in that topic but I know many others would be. I have a suggestion for a forum topic perhaps for the future. How about CRF? There are a lot of people here who that affects and I think there would be a lot of interest in that topic.
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I have no problem taking requests for topics, however, I need to find an expert in the field of whatever has been requested in order for it to fly. If I cannot find the proper person to guest host, there will be no forum- sorry-
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oh no
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Hedi? Oh no what? The forum is still a go, I was just making a point that requests for forums in the future will be considered but if an expert isn't lined up to host it, the forum will not go. Bottle Babies is still a go-

Part of my criteria for finding an expert is that they must have at least one published book, or manuscript on the subject-
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ohhhh I did not understand it right then , sorry .
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Great idea! I hope it works out!
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