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Which SUV should I buy?

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I am going to be buying a (used) vehicle in the very near future, as my Mustang is in bad shape. I have given a lot of thought to getting an SUV; even though they're not the most fuel-economical things on the road, I want something that, if need be, I can get all the cats in at once.

I've done some basic research online, but would love to get feedback from people who have had experience with SUV's. I have been warned to stay away from Jeeps, as they are not reliable in the long run. I would be getting something probably from the mid-80's to early 90's, as I have about $5000 max to spend.

So far, I am thinking along the lines of a Ford Explorer or a Chevy Blazer, but I am by no means limiting myself. Feel free to tell me about any SUV you've had experience with!!!

Thanks, guys!
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I like the Ford Explorer's...they are really nice
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Over the past 15 or so years, I have driven nothing but SUVs. I have owned a Toyota 4Runner, an Isuzu Rodeo, a Ford Escape, and I currently drive an '03 Explorer. I am very very happy with the Explorer. It was my 2nd choice behind a Chevy Tahoe, which a friend owns and I love as well, but it just wasn't in the budget.
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It depends on what you want it for. Off road or just carefull back and forth to work? I know alot about these my parents have had them for years.
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Back and forth to work, I don't have enough of a life to go off-roading

Mostly, I want the cargo space, and the traction in bad weather.
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Well I'm a huge Chevy fan and my parents never had any problem out of their Chevys. I do know that SUV's have a higher statistic of flipping. I wouldnt recomend driving one unless it's gonna be slow. Having one for 4 weel drive is worth it though....but the snow/ice or being off road too much can cause that because of how the weight is balanced. I'd do some research into that if I was you. See if there is a vehicle forum anywhere or just do some yahoo searches. Mom really liked hers though. She had a 89 but had problems with the dash gauges. She had a 95 and it was perfect except high miles. It rode really well and was dependable. It just bothered us the 'flipping' ability.
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I have no experience with SUV's but I'm a big fan of Ford so I voted the ford explorer. Good luck choosing and can't wait to see it!
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I've had an SUV for over 20 years, before they were even called SUVs. I had 2 Toyota 4 Runners for 18 of those years and currently have a used '96 Isuzu Rodeo. The 4 Runners were the best, but I couldn't afford another one the last time around since they tend to be rather pricey, even used. The Rodeo is OK.
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Well Ive driven 2 Jeep cherokees for the past year and let me say reliability is not their strong point!!! Im not a fan of SUVs, but if your really into getting one, Id suggest the Explorer. Chevys? Ew. For 5K you should be able to find a decent one too.

Now if I can convince you to not get any SUV. There are plenty of spacious cars out there. Take my Probe GT for example: I can cram 5, 10 or even 15 cats in there(not that I ever would). This car is impossible to flip. I can take any corner at any speed, all it will do is screech, slide, or spin. Nothing you can't handle. Maintainence is a different story altogether though
I can also race, and beat most anything that any has out here.
Oh and yeah I get high 20s for gas consumption.
Ok I got a little carried away there, but I suggest you look at all the availible cars out there before you go into the world of gas eating, road hogging, curb bouncing SUVs. If all else fails, you have my vote for the Ford Explorer though!
Don't let the SUVs instability scare you. They are actually quite hard to turn over unless your going deathly fast in the first place. My jeep will take mad corners if I want it too although sometimes it does feel likes its going to just flip. Just don't get broad-sided ok?
Oh and one final thought. If somehow you run into $35,000 you should definetly go for a Subaru WRX STi. Traction, speed, style, you name it Subarus got it.

Peace out,
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I voted 'don't get an SUV'!

We have a Matrix and while you can't get an older model since it's a new car, you can get some other type of hatchback which is what it basically is and we love it. We needed a car with lots of space for Bella, and we wanted safety and good milage so we ruled out SUVs on the gas issue alone. Looked into hatchbacks and we're extremely happy with what we found.

Good luck!
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Originally posted by Big Kat
I voted 'don't get an SUV'!

We have a Matrix and while you can't get an older model since it's a new car, you can get some other type of hatchback which is what it basically is and we love it. We needed a car with lots of space for Bella, and we wanted safety and good milage so we ruled out SUVs on the gas issue alone. Looked into hatchbacks and we're extremely happy with what we found.

Good luck!
How about a Subaru WRX wagon!
Subaru happy today.

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I hate Ford.

I'm leasing a Ford Ranger Edge right now and their service is the pits, they have shady mechanics and their sales people will promise anything under the sun to get you to buy a vehicle.

I hate Ford.

Next time I'm going with Chevy because my dad told me they're cheaper for gas, cheaper for parts and is an all round better company.

I'm only with Ford now because I had bad credit and they were the only company that would give me a car. I pay the price for it though. Can you believe I agreed to $500 a month for a pitily vehicle?

I hate Ford.
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Personally, I don't care for SUVs. Mark and Sam have an Isuzu Trooper, for hauling all of the twins' equipment. It holds all four family members (two in car seats), a double stroller and all of the stuff you need, for two babies. If it will hold all of that, I supose that it will haul multiple cat carriers. I know that the back seat folds down/removes, for more cargo space.

Have you considered a minivan? They are better on gas and have the cargo space that you want. They also rate high in crash tests.
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i have driven a chevy trailblazer and a ford bronco. broncos are great work trucks and the blazer was pretty nice to drive.

Note that I said TRAILblazer not Blazer. We have a blazer now that Steven's company gives him to drive...we hate it. We rented a trailblazer when my car was hit and we loved it.
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This past weekend I went to a car show in Baltimore cause my bf is looking for a new SUV. He currently drives a Blazer and really wants a Volvo SUV. They are incredibly expensive at 45k! I told him that it is his money to spend but I dont agree with spending that much on an SUV. Anyway there were a lot of models out there. They all have bad gas mileage but I would stay away from the Explorer. I saw one flip over in front of me and I vowed never to get in/ buy on of those
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I voted don't get an SUV.

I deleted my usual wordy post here, and just want to say that there are many more affordable and less obnoxious alternatives - I have a station wagon that has plenty of room & cost a lot less to buy, and has much lower insurance and fuel costs. And it's pretty, too.

This website is useful to help determine if an SUV might be something you actually need, and also offers several good alternatives.http://cartalk.cars.com/info/suv/

This website allows you to compare fuel economy, safety, and other features on multiple vehicles.
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I love my Ford Explorer. I haven't had a single problem with it since the day I brought it home. I like how versatile SUV's are...They are large enough to haul lots of stuff around and still look pretty.

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I'd have to agree with Big Kat... Look into alternatives to SUVs. We have a Protege 5, and it's wonderful! It replaced our old '92 Nissan Sentra, which was "killed" in a hit and run (me behind the wheel... what a scary experience THAT was!!!) The P5 is like driving a little sports car, with lots or cargo space! We can fit camping gear for 2, cooler and large dog crate in it quite comfortably. It gets good gas mileage, is very comfortable and WAY stylish!!
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Another vote for an alternative to an SUV! I've driven them and I hate them! Give me a front wheel car anytime over an SUV!
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Voted against an SUV. My husband rolled his twice, the second time totalled it (jeep). Mine became a rattle box at about 70,000 miles and traded it for a front wheel drive car. I think they give you a false sense of security besides being gas guzzlers.

For storage space, I preferred the van we had anyday. If we get a car for storage purposes, it will be a van.
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I'm not a big fan of SUV's either. But you have to get what is right for you and your family. I wish you luck in your car buying adventures.
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Found On Road Dead

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Originally posted by DawnA

Found On Road Dead

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Originally posted by Sicycat
Yeah go sicy! Haha.
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Wow, I love all this feedback!! Thanks, guys!

I had thought of a minivan, but I want something that doesn't "feel" like I am driving a semi, and the one time I drove a van, it felt like that. One of the plusses I have heard about the Blazer is that it drives like a car.

I have heard about the roll-over risks, but was under the impression this was a problem they had solved?

I am going to go looking this weekend. Please, keep the opinions and feedback coming, and any links you think might help me.

You guys are great!!!
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I'll differ with the crowd and say that once you drive an SUV, you'll never go back to a car.....at least I won't. I like being up higher. My Explorer is nice and roomy, although I have driven smaller SUVs and been equally happy with them. My 4Runner was an '86. I'd say out of all I have owned, it was the most likely to flip, but I never once came close in the 9 years I owned it. In those days it actually had a gauge on the dash that warned you if you had the vehicle at an angle where rolling over became a danger.

The Rodeo was a great SUV, too. I owned a '95 for 5+ years. Both the Isuzu and the Toyota had well over 100,000 miles on them when I sold them. I came close to buying a 2nd Rodeo.

The Ford Escape is smaller, but comparable to the Rodeo. I liked it very much, and it was an excellent value for the money. I owned an '01, the first year of production of the model. The only reason I traded it for the Explorer was that I had put 50,000+ miles on it in a year and a half, so I traded before I was upside down on my loan. It was pretty fuel efficient, too. I was getting 25 mpg.

My Explorer was a splurge for me, and I couldn't be happier with it. I haven't had a single problem.
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Consider the insurance issue, too. Some states have enacted laws, mandating higher liability requirements, for SUVS. When an SUV hits a car, the height of the bumper and vehicle, tend to make it roll right over the car, causing much more damage and injury. You might wind up paying an astronomical insurance premium.
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I test drove a Santa Fe by Hyundia and its a nice ride. I'm partical to Hyundia's since I drive an Accent.

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On the insurance question, liability is higher with SUVs as noted by katl8e. Also, full coverage tends to be higher b/c they are more popular with theives, and repair costs tend to be higher as well.

You can find good all-wheel drive hatchbacks and station wagons for good handling in bad weather, that have lots of cargo space.

My insurance on my wagon is low (no-one steals station wagons!), and with the rear seats lowered it has a cargo capacity equal to the Mountaineer(an SUV). It has a lot more cargo space than our friend's Lexus SUV. And its safety rating is equal to an SUVs, except on rollover risk, where it's WAY better.

Check out this SUV alternatives site, and save some fuel and insurance $.

I've seen a lot of rolled-over SUVs in town (Texas is SUV-land) but never a rolled-over car.

If you really want an SUV for the looks, there are even good SUV-styled vehicles that are basically wagons in SUV clothing, with the SUV look but the wagon safety and efficiency.
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