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They REALLY LOVED this cat

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I sympathize with everyone who has lost a cat that was dear to them. I can't imagine what I'd go through if I ever lost my dear Zoey, but that's part of the deal when you love another living being, at some point, we ALL have to say goodbye.
But every now and then, an expression of love, loss and grief is stated that is so simple and yet so elequint that it should be pointed out and shared with others.
The folks at "It's Meow or Never" have a video on their site that expresses it perfectly and get's it exactly right in their tribute to a cat they cared for called "Black Boy".
Here's the URL and make sure you have a tissue, or two, or ten.
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I am still crying
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That was beautiful. I wish I could have done something like that for my Beau who passed a year ago tomorrow. I lie here on my bed, laptop on my lap... a cat snuggle up to me who without the love of cats that Beau helped to instill deep in me,might not be here. I had Beau for 17 years, Max is now 3, we got him at two. We love him as deep as well still love you.

Just to give you a chuckle Beau, he doesn't know what to make of the birds chasing him down the hallway either.
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I'm crying still. That was so beautiful about their beloved baby.

Thanks for sharing. RIP sweet .
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short but powerful words... tugged my heart strings...
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OMG, what a special and beautiful tribute!!!
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Thats so lovely, thanks.

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What a lovely tribute.
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