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My funny Lioness

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My smallest cat is the most vocal cat I've ever had. I think she is quite funny. She has a meow or a growl for everything. I like her howling-growl she has when she is very excited and playing. She runs like a crazy cat and leaps in the tub or dashes under the futon and lets out a crazy growling noise.

The other day there was an ambulance outside the window with its lights flashing and my little kitty made the loudest growls I've ever heard. She sounded almost like a motorcycle.

She also meows and talks to me... I just look at her and she meows to tell me something.

Does anyone else have a cat like this with a lot to say?

She also does another funny thing, she sits up like a gopher and somtimes even stands up on her back paws! She also believes I can take down the shadows from the ceiling for her to play with and cries horribly for me to get them! She's silly.
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She sounds JUST like my Pixie!! She's my youngest, and the most vocal. She talks to us all the time, carrying on conversations as she's trotting beside us (me or hubby). Hubby has whole conversations with her. She has many things to tell us, or demand of us, or to ask us. My other kitties are very quiet, so it took a bit of getting used to. Only Ginza cried once in a while to find me.

And she does that same gopher sitting-up thing all the time! The funniest is when she lays in wait for us on the stairs (as if we can't see her "hiding") then she sits back on her hind legs and waves her front paws up frantically trying to "get" our feet. Then she gets so excited she stays sitting up and her head goes side to side for a full few seconds before she finishes by dashing down the rest of the stairs.

at her demand for the shadows!!
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I love it when Rosie's vocal with me. It's normally first thing in the morning when i wake and when i come home from work.

I'd like to think she was saying 'she loved me' or that she's saying she's pleased to see me when i come home!.

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I wish I had talkers. Dirt 'prrrowls' and chirrups when he wants to tell me something. They ALL talk when it is dinner time but as for other times nothing
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