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Pictures of kitties

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Here are some pictures of my kitties (assuming I have managed to attache them correctly).

Two of Sunbeam
One of Cobweb, the mackerel tabby, looking slightly put out at being disturbed
One of pretty Princess upside-down
One of Kandy among the leaves

I hope you enjoy them


[IMG]C:\\Program Files\\OLYMPUS\\Camedia Master\\Samples\\SunbeamOnTable.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]C:\\Program Files\\OLYMPUS\\Camedia Master\\Samples\\SunbeamOnDesk.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]C:\\Program Files\\OLYMPUS\\Camedia Master\\Samples\\KandyOnShelf.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]C:\\Program Files\\OLYMPUS\\Camedia Master\\Samples\\PrincessOnTable.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG]C:\\Program Files\\OLYMPUS\\Camedia Master\\Samples\\CobwebOnChair.jpg[/IMG]
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I'm only seeing red X's but maybe it's just my computer...
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res x is all I get also.
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red x
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Anyone - any suggestions as to why there is a red x outbreak instead of pictures? When I previewed the post the pictures were fine. Some sort of incompatability? I'm not a technophobe, but not a real expert either.

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That happened to us too! If you try to use the Attach File option on the bottom, it should/might work. We tried using Attach File, and it didn't work, but we used bitmaps, and that might have been our problem (JPGs work better). I decided to look at the properties of your picture, and it says C:, and that's your hard drive. Unless the pics are on our hard drive, we can't see them. I am pretty sure this is true, but there might be some exceptions. Our solution was to make a webpage and upload the pics onto that. We use Geocities, but any homepage maker should work. We still haven't figured out how to attach a picture to our posts. Maybe someone more experienced can help us out with that one!
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Dear Selene,

I have had a look at the source file of your post (the html) and it seems to me that you have not uloaded correctly your images. And remember, only one image with each post (post not thread of course!) So try this:

-Click on New Thread or Post Reply (if it's in the same thread)
- In the text box, write your text
- Go to the browse button, under the text box, click on browse and find your image on your computer.
- Click on the name of the file (must be gif jpg png txt zip bmp jpeg...)
- Click on Open
- Click on Submit Reply

... and you should be fine. Repeat for each image...

Hope that helps?

Or check this thread:

Where there are more tips...
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