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Breeding Siamese Cats

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All right guys, after much thought and consideration I have decided to breed my two Purebred Siamese kittens (Not until they're older, though, at least a year and a half old). They're 6 months old right now.

I got both these guys from a breeder who shows all her Siamese cats. These kitten's parents are both show cats. (BTW, just wanted to clarify that these kittens are not brother and sister). I just had all the necessary blood testing done and everything came up negative, the vet said that they are both healthy.

All my other pets are spayed and nuetered. I got these kittens specifically because I wanted to breed them, I actually wanted to get into showing Siamese Cats. My breeder and I converse regularly and she is going to be my mentor through this whole thing.

I just wanted to hear other peoples opinions and experiences... especially experienced breeders points of view and how they started out... how the first breeding experience went.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I do rescue too and I am very aware of breeding irresponsibly and that is why I have read up on this a lot before making this decision. Anyways, thanks everyone in advance! Look forward to hearing from you guys
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Just bumping this to the top where it can be easily seen. I can't give you any advice, sorry.
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All I can say is THANK YOU! You sound like a responsible breeder.. Congrats! and do you have any pictures of your kittens?

If you have a mentor that's great =).. If you have any advice feel free to PM me at anytime and I'd be happy to try and help you out.

Thanks also for bumping Lorie!
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Thanks for bumping, Lorie.

Anyways, I just want to make sure before I breed them that everything is going to go smoothly. I have heard some horror stories from people I rescue with about when they have strays come in that are pregnant.

I personally, have never taken in a pregnant stray before so this would be my first experience with a cat actually giving birth. I have read up on it extensively and printed out notes on if something goes wrong what to do.

I guess I was curious how often something could go wrong. I talked to my breeder (Her name's Terry) but all her queens have been pregnant before. I've read that sometimes, it could happen, where if a female hasn't been bred before she sometimes won't have the motherly instincts and won't remove the placenta from around the kitten when it's born and won't feed them.

Now, I have all my notes on what to do if that happens. Has everything, for the most part, gone smoothly for other people or should I be expecting this to very possibly happen.

I'm sorry for all the questions, but these little guys are my babies too. I just want everything to be all right, and I want to make sure that I'm properly prepared. Wellington, I have pictures...but, I can never figure out how to post them on these boards. If you want me to email them to you, I know how to do that

Anyhow, I wanted to thank everyone who responded for their response.
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Hi Kitty

There is no way anyone can garentee everything is going to go smoothly. I breed siamese/balinese and orientals/oriental long-hairs and even I have had my ups and downs.

You mentioned that some some girls don't know what to do if it is their first? Well that is correct! Some girls are fabulous mums, and it is breed in them... some on the other hand don't have a clue!

One of my Balinese girls recently had her first litter and I had a terrible time with her... even lost a few kittens.

Breeding is certainly not pretty. So be prepared for EVERYTHING. Even my most experienced girl gave birth to a dead kitten last year. Some things can not be helped.

With saying that, there is nothing more satisfying watching a kitten grow and develop. And the most content cats are mummy cats. They purr constantly to their babies and it is beautful to watch.

Good luck with your first litter. Don't wait too long to mate your girl. And don't let her come into season more then 3 times with out being mated. Pyometra (spelling ?) can set in quick. And is not usually notcied till it is too late. A girl with pyometra will have to be desexed, so you would loose your breeding queen.

Once again, good luck.
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Well I think that’s great! It isn’t often that a new person can get a reputable show breeder to sell them intact cats and offer to mentor them. It’s also very unusual for a show breeder to sell someone a “breeding pairâ€. Usually much research is done to find the “right†male that complements a particular female’s pedigree, as well as improving on her faults, and 99% of the time, that male isn’t the one that just happens to live in the same house. But your breeder obviously knows what she is doing.

Who are the parents of your cats? What line are they from? I show cats, and who knows - I may even know their breeder

I think you are wise to wait until your female is 1 ½ years old before you breed her. Often young females don’t make good mothers. However, like the previous poster mentioned, you have to be very wary of Pyometra (a life threatening uterine infection). Unlike dogs and people, cats have a “use it or lose it†reproductive system, which means they can’t be allowed to cycle repeatedly without being bred. But I’m probably just repeating stuff your breeder is telling you already!

Just out of curiosity, what necessary blood testing are you referring to?

Since she’s a show breeder, and she’s mentoring you, I’m sure she’s pushing you to show these guys - are you showing them in the kitten classes? It would be great if you could grand one or both of them before breeding them!
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