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Finally back on TCS!

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Hey everyone! I am back. I have been back from Mexico for over a week but things have been nuts here. Hubby wasn't feeling well when we left for the trip and was in horrid pain by the time we returned last Monday early morning. I tried talking him into going to the hospital - but he said it was just a torn muscle. After a few days of intensifying pain (and nagging from me) he went to the doctor who immediately sent him to the hospital. I got a call at work on Wednesday (during a snow storm) saying he was in hospital. After many tests it was discovered he had a kink in his small intestine that caused a severe infection. He was in the hospital for 3 days with no food/drink - only IV. He is still off work, but feeling much better.

Sugie has gone wonky again - she pooped and peed on the spare bed. I think now it may have something to do with constipation. We have her in isolation and have her on a new diet and laxatone. Hopefully this will help.

I will be very busy with work for the next while (new trainees) but I will try to check in when possible!

Hope everyone is doing ok!
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Hey Ady!! Welcome back!! I will keep Sugie in my thoughts and hope that she gets better along with DH. Nice to have you back though.
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Welcome Back
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Glad to see you back Ady! I am sorry about hubby's infection and Sugies constipation - I hope they both get better SOON!

Once again, glad to see you back!
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We missed you! I hope your hubby and baby start to feel better soon!
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Hey Ady!! You have been gone for such a long while! We missed you!! Hope that your hubby is feeling better and get well soon and Sugie will be better...
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Yah! Welome back! I'm sorry about what happened with your husband and with Sugie. I hope both get better asap! (((((Prayers and vibes))))))
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Glad you're back, Ady!!! Sending *healing vibes* to your hubby, and hope the laxatone will help Sugie.
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Hi Ady. Welcome back! Have missed you lots. I hope that your hubby and kitty are better again soon. Glad to have you back.
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Welcome back! What a homecoming - I hope things are looking up soon.
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First I want to say welcome back Then next I want to say OMG!!! Your hubby could get seriously ill from that! Good thing he finally went. Sheesh.... men! They can't ask for directions, won't go to the doctor, and can't do two things at once! (No offense guys!)
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