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did you see Seinfeld today?

it was the assman episode!!!!!!!
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I'm out there rubbing two sticks together....and you're walking around with a zippo!!!

gotta love fusilli Jerry :laughing:
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AP; Which one is the assman episode? I thought I knew them all, but that isn't enough to tell me which one you're referring to. . . .
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It's the one where Kramer gets somebody's else's personalized license plate in the mail ("Assman"). He also makes Fusilli Jerry, which Frank falls on in an "inconvenient" place. When they take him to the proctologist, they find out he's the guy who was supposed to get the license plate.

Too funny!
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one of my all time favorite episodes. it has it all-

the 'move' that putty stole
fusilli jerry
assman lisence plates
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I loved that show!!!!!!! Kramer was such a hoot, and so was George, even though he got no respect at work! LOL! Remember the show where they (his work mates, for lack of a better word at the moment) thought he had killed his wife?
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hmm, I don't remember that one Debby....what else happened in the episode? maybe that will help stir my memory.
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Okay okay.. I'm a total idiot when it comes to this.. don't shoot me but.. I have never seen Seinfeld. Craig loves the show.. and gives me hell about not ever seeing it. He has a cat that he left back in Oregon with his parents.. because they have a lot of lang out in the country.. well the cats name is "Kramer". Guess thats how much he likes that show huh? Heh.. I really gotta start watching some tv.
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