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Do they think they own the world?!?

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A gigantic boo hiss to Microsoft for suing a 17-year-old kid. Do these people have nothing better to do with their time? How about developing an operating system that actually works?

Microsoft takes on teen's site
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How bloody typical. All he is doing is playing with his name. That's not against the law is it?????

AN operating system that actually works would be jolly nice - I am so sick of XP and its multitude of problems. Hubby is seriously considering switching over to Mac, and I am there with him!

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A lot of people have recommended Linux. I don't like XP, either. And as for suing a 17-year-old, it's stupid. All they're going to get out of it is bad publicity.
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In answer to your question, yes he thinks he owns the world.
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No sense of humor, either. I don't see how his site is copyright infringement, I think the name is funny!
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jcat - I have been recommended linux as well - hubby's teacher at school said that mac is the best of all, linux comes second.
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But Deb, they DO own the world! LOL And they don't care about bad publicity because there are very few professions where there is a valid choice of other software to use.

I agree, this is just horrible. If they were that concerned about anything that sounds like their corporate name, why didn't they have their crack team of lawyers buy all of the domain names similar in the first place?

I could possibly see it if the kid was publishing hacks to MS products, or making (untrue) inflammatory remarks about the company, but it sounds like all he did was buy the name. As far as I know, parodies are still legal (in the US anyway), and names sounding similar are allowed as long as they are not marketing similar products which could cause confusion to the consumer. None of these things would happen with a personal website, or even marketing the kid's web design services (which MS doesn't offer).
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Strangely enough, I cannot get into

Wonder why.
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I got onto the site earlier today when I read the story. I also emailed the kid with my support.
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Unfortunately this is happening in many corporate arenas. A cable station "TNN" was renamed to "Spike TV" (The network for men) and actor/director Spike Lee sued for copywright infringment.
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Thats just unbelievable- but typical

What next for goodness sake??
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It doesn't say anywhere in the article that Microsoft is suing this kid. The kid asks for $10,000 in compensation? Where in the hell does he get off!? I don't care how stupid Microsoft seems to be behaving about this. The kid knew full well they would have a problem with it. If you know someone is going to start a fist fight with you the moment you make fun of him, do you go out of your way to provoke him? He admitted that it was supposed to sound like Microsoft. If he didn't ask for $10,000 freaking dollars I may have sided with the sense of humour in the name, but I can't stand people who invent their own misery with the hidden intent to get money out of it.
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Microsoft came after him. Read the article again. They offered him $10 to give up the name, so he countered with the 10,000. Whatever happened to imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? I don't see Microsoft shying away from imitating professional sports in their latest advertising campaign.
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I think Microsoft are being morons. One look at his site should be enough to realise he isn't trying to affiliate himself with them in any way. All they should ask is that he includes a notice on his homepage to point out he has no connection with them at all.
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I just visited Mike's site this morning- I couldn't get on yesterday. I decided to email him with my support as well- if I had the extra cash I'd have given him a donation for lawyer fees.

I hope Microsoft ends up looking as stupid as they're behaving over this.
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I finally saw his website. I looked at it and said to myself 'He's 17?' Wow, he has a lot of talent in the web design field!
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Yes I do believe Microsoft own the world! A word on Mac-my sister and my nephew both have macs ( monitors etc) but they cant open windows with any great ease and the software is limited. Macs are brilliant as far as publishing and artistic stuff (both are artists) so they love them but as for straight forward stuff they ar not sure
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Microsoft doesn't own the world but yes they certanitly think they do!

I feel sorry for the poor kid, I mean how pathetic is microsoft 10$.. good on him for adding a few more zeros.

I'm just checking out his site now I mean how talented is he?? Oh and another thing look at all the coverage he's getting! haha microsoft!!!!!
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Microsoft doesn't own the world, but they do own their name! Thats what a copyright is. Yes, right now Mike Rowe may seem innocent, but Microsoft has to protect against the future.

Supposing someone was to start posting on other sites in the name of THECATSIGHT? It sounds like this site...people would quickly think it was someone representing us. We would naturally get upset and worry that this person might hurt the good reputation we have built.
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They do own their name, but does that mean that they own any name even remotely similar to their name? Again, I would understand if he offered similar products to Microsoft, but Mike Rowe doesn't. It's not like it would be an easily mistaken spelling of Microsoft.
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Originally posted by valanhb
They do own their name, but does that mean that they own any name even remotely similar to their name? Again, I would understand if he offered similar products to Microsoft, but Mike Rowe doesn't. It's not like it would be an easily mistaken spelling of Microsoft.

If they were so worried about it why didn't they go and buy all the domain names that sound like it?
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This happens all the time with large and not so large companies, not just Microsoft. McDonalds has gone after a number of places (worldwide) who name their restaurants in any way that remotely sounds like theirs or their branded names (MickeyD's etc), even when it is completely clear that it has nothing to do with them. Whatever company makes Spam, the food product, is very crazed about the use of their brand name, especially after Monty Python gave it so much publicity for an 'alternate definition' lol. I read once that they employ people to search the web for unsanctioned use of their spam-can symbol.

It's sometimes silly and petty, but if the trademark laws side with them, that's what prevails. A lot of lawyers make a lot of $$ every year on the issue of brand names, trademarks & patents. Plus, the kid likely did this for the publicity to begin with. If he was an 8 year old, I would feel differently, but a 17 year old smart kid had to know it would come to this sooner than later.He'll probably put it on his college application.
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I think he must have been doing it for publicity. I mean come on a corporation as big as Microsoft not doing something about it? I think if he had been under 10 it would have been a big joke but 17 I don't think so.

And no where in the aricle does it say Microsoft is suing him.
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