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Calling all Game Testers!

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Feb. Dance

Thank you for testing these games each month. Please post any problems you might encounter and leave your operating system information as well-
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Worked smooth for me.
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Works fine for me (IE6 WinME)
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Very cute game! I used to love those matching games when I was a kid. I didn't have any problems at all. (and I was able to match everything in under 40 moves.)

My technical info: I am connected to the internet by a DSL line. Please let me know if you need anything else.
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I did not have any problems like the game.
I am on an old windows 98 on a pentium 133
This is Charlie the DH.
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The game isn't showing up. I have Windows XP and DSL.
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After playing the other game, I remembered that the link to the website to answer the question on this game did not open in a new window, so I had to hit the Back button to give my answer.
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It worked just fine for me. It's nice to see a memory game for a change too. I have Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 6. Is there any other info you need?
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Worked for me on Win98
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Worked great!
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worked for me

IE 6 Win XP Home all patches and powertools applied
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Worked all fine for me
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