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Originally posted by mnbejeweled
My are currently on Innova can and Chicken Soup for Dry. 1 of them gets gas really bad from the Chicken Soup and Chicken Soup Light and now I'm kinda stuck - don't know what to try. She obviously has a sensitive tummy but also could stand to lose a lb or 2.
How about California Natural? It has limited ingredients (so it might work well for her sensitive stomache) and is'nt too high in calories.
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I tried the California Natural dry food and they turned their noses up..which is funny because they love the Innova. I think I am going to try the California Natural wet and see what they think...
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Those of you who get Cat Fancy, there is a good article this month about this very topic. Just because someone makes something and claims it is for cats, does not mean that it is necessarily safe to feed. Always check with your vet about nutritional supplements and such. Most of the time, unless you have a sickly cat, they are simply not necessary. We tend to try and medically maintain our cat's health with over the counter products and such.
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Our cats like Wellness canned food. I don't recall the ingredients, but when we got our male his fur was on the oily side and dull. After a few weeks on wellness, he lost the oiliness and his fur is soft and shiny.
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I think the wellness canned food is really excellent. IT has a ton of meat in it and actually smells good to me. I tend to not trust foods that smell like garbage...haha
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I feed my cat the Innova dry and the Petguard canned (he really likes the chicken and wheat germ).

I like them because they are both organic, and seem to have in mind what is nutritionally best for cats.

And my cat loves them!
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My cat went nuts over the chicken and wheat germ as well! I am going to buy a few other varieties to see if he likes them too. Precise seems to have a similiar smell too...he goes nuts over that stuff.
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