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Low cost spay clinics not available in my city.

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My neighbours just adopted a stray cat that had been abandoned by her family. After just two weeks here, the cat has gone into heat. These are students, both very responsible, but they don't have a lot of money for expensive spaying. So I have been looking for less expensive spay clinics or options for them.

In making calls, they found out that the vets in our city have banded together and agreed to charge a minimum price for spaying, about $175.00 (Canadian). And, on top of that, they require a full price check up and boosters, so the total is well over $250.00.

I didn't mind paying that myself, my vet is a friend, and they are all entitled to make a living. And the local vets do a wonderful job providing low cost services to the SPCA. But I think that this is such a short sighted policy! I would love to have someone (not me) take them on, and find a way of offering a low cost clinic once in a while. This will just make people decide to not have their cats neutered if they can't afford the $250.00 fee.

I am not suggesting that the price should be changed, for the "full service" surgery. But surely, if once or twice a year, there was a clinic, that should not cut into their business at all! It would not be convenient enough for the people who can afford to pay full price, but would be an option for all of the others, like my neighbours.

I am in Southern Ontario.
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I can't believe they charge that much. Who could afford to have their pets altered at those prices?! That is just plain wrong.
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Good Lord! What's next- backyard spay and neuter clinics to retaliate against this insanity? I would be writing letters, knocking on doors and campaigning for an end to this if it were me. Letters to the editors backed up with stats can be very powerful to change policies!
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Are you close to Toronto at all? I looked through my resources and found one possible option for you:

Animal Crusaders of Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: (416) 438-4636
Email: jmhealy@sympatico.ca
Referral to low cost vets

Perhaps you could at least contact them and find out if there are affordable services anywhere close to you, and once they learn of your town's situation maybe they will start the push to change that situation.
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Yes, we are close to Toronto. I also contacted the local rescue organization, who have given me good advice before, and they recommended three vet clinics within a hour of here, so we have some options. FOr example, I was told that a clinic in London Ontario will spay cats for $50.00. I expected it to cost $100. The SPCA rate (the amount that vets charge the SPCA) in the area is $80.00, just so you can see the approximate variation.

I do not have any time to start a campaign. I just have no hours left in the day to take on any more volunteer work, and I run my own business as well. But I was wondering if there would be someone I could contact to try and get help. I will look up that Toronto contact.

I just cannot understand how vets do not see the problem they are creating, you know that there are going to be folks who just don't bother having their pets spayed.

But mostly I am glad that you agree that this is a problem. I thought that maybe I was exaggerating, being shocked about this.
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holy macarony , that sure is a lot of money
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