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I'm going to Vegas!

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So I meet this guy two days before xmas.. well really we've been friends for about 4 years but haven't talked in a while and haven't seen each other in a very long while. So we run into each other and boom. We just booked a trip to Vegas for the week of my bday (feb 12).. That is the weirdest thing I have ever done but I am so psyched. I don't even know what to do there someone give me some ideas
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Vegas the city with big lights and never sleeps?? I think that's it. With all the casinos? Or is that Las Vegas? Sorry I don't even know about the place let alone what you can do there.. haha.. Have lots of fun!
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Vegas and Las Vegas is the same place.

There are no clocks anywhere. So wear a watch. All alcohol and cigarettes are free in the casinos if you're playing any of the games. You could walk in and put a nickel in one of the nickel slot machines and a girl will offer you a free drink. It's very hot apparently, but you're going in February so I don't know what the weather will be like. Try this site often before you go... http://www.worldweather.org/093/c00781f.htm#wxforecast. There are slot machines EVERYWHERE! Even in the airport, grocery store, convienience store, washrooms... everywhere. That's about all I can get out of Darrell.

You will have a lot of fun. Go to every large hotel and take lots of pics. AND DON'T GET MARRIED! LOL lol lol.
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I'm so jealous!!! I've wanted to go to las vegas for ages... maybe one day I hope you have a great time!
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I went last August and had a BLAST.....you'll have a great time.
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Machines nearest the doors are the loosest ones. Slots offer the lowest return and blackjack has the highest odds, for the player. Dollar machines are the loosest and video poker pays off better than slots.

Be sure to check out the Shark Reef aquarium, at Mandalay Bay, the lions at the MGM Grand, the white tigers at the Mirage and the Fremont Street Experience. The Rio has the best buffet in town. If you're into NASCAR, the Sahara has a NASCAR Cafe, gift shop and racing simulator. I'm afraid of heights, so I avoid the Stratosphere and all of the roller coasters. For shopping, you can't beat the Venetian and Caesars Palace. The Venetian also has a Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. There is a fantastic car museum, at the Imperial Palace. At the front door of the casino, there are people who hand out free tickets for that.

Have fun, and keep a $100 bill ratholed in your wallet.
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Free drinks!. Sounds great to me, what's the next flight!!!.

Have a great time.

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We were planning on driving to California one day and the Grand Canyon another but we are too young to even rent a car lol. Well actually we can rent a car but people aged 21-24 have to pay extra fees and it came out to a whole bunch of money, like $400 for 4 days so we said screw it. So I'll be 24 on the 12th and that still isn't 25 but whatever, I'm sure we'll still have fun.

We ended up staying at the Sahara just because it was the cheapest 3 star strip hotel we could find. Is that place clean and stuff? My grandma always stays at the Venetian but there was no way we could afford that in the short 3 weeks we have left to save money.

We're not even gamblers more like drinkers/partiers but we'll be in Vegas so we'll have to at least check out the casinos. This would be soo much better if we had some money saved up for it because the way it looks we'll be maxing out a credit card or two lol. Hopefully we'll win big, or at least have a hell of a time. Everyone we know is like OMG I don't believe you're going and he's so hyped I'm just worried that it's going to suck. You figure though I went through 5 years of college with not one spring break so I deserve this lol.
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Living in Los Angeles, I don't live that far from Vegas. It won't be very hot this time of the year. In fact it's usually warmer here in Los Angeles during the winter than in Vegas. It's usually cheaper to get a hotel just off the strip, but withing walking distance of the strip, than right on it. There are a lot of cool things to see and do in Vegas. I love it there, but the traffic is the worst I've ever seen anywhere.
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The Sahara is just fine. It has recently been renovated. You can use the buses to get around the Strip and there are pedicabs, too. Bill and I stayed at the Stardust, last trip. We booked our rooms online and they were the cheapest, on the Strip.
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Sounds like fun! I have never been but I am sure you will have a blast. I heard "Old Vegas" is a fun area of the town to visit. There is prolly a website to check out for everything in the city
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